That Old Run Down Feeling

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Image: Byrion Smith

Woke up feeling a touch flu-like this morning. An itchy throat, sore eyes, runny nose and touch of chestiness, did not make my morning the easiest to get going. Coffee did the job getting me up and running, and a multi-vitamin pill and hot shower took care of the rest. Not ideal but it was enough to kick-start the system.

It wasn’t as bad a morning as the bloke I saw getting hauled into an ambulance on Leith Walk at about 06:40. His scooter was a mess and the car that crashed into him wasn’t any better off. The police were taking statements when I passed but it looked a pretty bad one; the bloke’s crash helmet was lying in two pieces on the ground.

I’m looking forward to my weekend. I’m going through to see my sister, Binny, tomorrow. We’re taking in the St. Mirren versus Motherwell match in Paisley (my first time at the new stadium) then meeting up with my other sister and her hubby, Fiona and Nolon, for a curry in Glasgow before going to see Michael McIntyre at the SECC.

I saw an itinerary of McIntyre’s show: 8pm – 8.50pm then 9.20pm until 10.20pm. I’ve never heard of a comedian taking a break in my life. What’s he going to do for the half hour in between? Read over his lines to make sure he’s learned them? I’ll remain sceptical about this until I see the show and hopefully be proved wrong. You wouldn’t get Billy Connolly wandering off for half an hour—apart from anything else it will surely break any rhythm he has built up—unless, of course, it’s 100% scripted.

I watched the football on the telly last night. If Celtic and Rangers are the best Scotland has to offer then it’s no wonder we, as a footballing nation, get slagged off all the time. Both teams got royally humped at home and neither showed any cutting edge or genuine flair. Looks to me like the only piece of genuine talent in the country at the moment is Craig Dargo.

Lots to get through today, so I’ll leave you with The Friday vid…

NB: I just realised as I was about to post this entry, that the title applies to the first TWO paragraphs, and not just the first. I promise you it was an accident. Damn, there I go again…

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