Here Comes The Cold

Here Comes The Cold
Image: Laszlo Ilyes

Last night was most relaxing. Laura and I ordered our pizzas (1 Hot and Spicy and 1 Chicken Supreme) and sat back to watch The Polar Express, always an enjoyable film. It takes me back to when I was a kid and had all that excitement in me—some would say still do because I’m just a big wean—although I do find the elves rather freaky in this film, spooky almost. My pizza had an abundance of jalapenos on it, which are still coming back on me even this morning. Thank Gord for Rennie!

I caught a snippet of Alex Salmond on the telly last night moaning about “anti-Scottishness” in the matter of energy pricing. In other words, oil. Salmond actually thinks oil is here to stay and Scotland can survive on it for the next 500 years, and the only reason he uses to try and persuade this country to become outcasts and poverty-ridden is his warped sense of racism towards us Scots. TWAT!

Alex Salmond you are the single worst thing that could ever have happened to this country. You are going to destroy us and our country. Please do the honourable thing and stand down. And do something with your eyebrows while you’re at it; you look like a shorter, chubbier Liam Gallagher.

The weather is really taking a turn just now. I couldn’t see my way through the sheets of hail coming down on me as I made my way home last night. And this morning when I left for work early (6’ish), it had snowed during the night, which had then frozen on the roads making conditions quite treacherous. I saw one old lady fall in Hanover Street but by the time I had shuffled forward towards her she was up and away so couldn’t have been hurt. Still can’t figure out what she was doing out in that cold so early in the morning, though.

Normally this is the weather we don’t get until January/February, but here it is, a blast from the north east, i.e., the Tundra. The Arctic bloweth. Thank goodness I have a good scarf and beanie hat. Speaking of which, my Madness 30th Anniversary scarf arrived yesterday along with my new nutty cufflinks. I’m going to wear them on Christmas Day and maybe at a wedding I am going to next year. Cool!

Work is pretty manic just now. My personal workload is pushing me to the limit, which I can cope with, but the constant questions from supposedly qualified people that won’t go and find solutions for themselves is driving me up the wall. Still, it’s nice to feel wanted I suppose.

Tonight I aim to have then Ranfurly Review out on release, or ready to go at least pending a query or two. I am also going to write some poems from ideas I have had and write the rest of my Chrimbo cards.

Here’s a nice video to finish the week with; see if it brings back memories:

Stella by Colin Galbraith – available now from Eternal Press –

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1 Response to Here Comes The Cold

  1. The weather people told us it would be a mild winter, yet the cats grew very thick coats. Obviously, the cats were right!

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