Apologies For The Inconvenience

Apologies For The Inconvenience
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When I said it was snowy yesterday I had no idea just how bad it was going to get. The snow yesterday was nothing compared to what I woke up to today! Yesterday was a mere sprinkling of icing on a bumpy cake, but today it’s a veritable smothering of thick white snow across the entire central belt of Scotland.

It was snowing lightly when I got to bed last night, but nothing major. My phone rang at 7am—it was one of my colleagues to say she was snowed in and could I replace her shift. No problem, said I, and promptly hopped out of bed and looked out the curtains. My jaw dropped. My street had disappeared under about 3 inches best guess. In the back garden my bunny could be seen peering through a gap in the wall of snow that had built up outside her hutch.

Thinking it would be clearer nearer Leith Links I made my way down the road and was met with a silent scene; silent other than the very few cars slowly trundling by towards town. I waited 20 mins before getting the hint the buses were yet again screwed, and so I started walking into the centre of Leith to see if I could get a bus there. Nothing. The bus stops were mobbed all the way up Leith Walk, and not one bus passed in the same direction as me. I cut down towards Canonmills—still no buses—and eventually arrived at work over an hour later (although the walk only took me 45 mins). The office was, as you might expect, pretty empty. Thankfully, the bacon butty stand was open so breakfast was still on.

It’s amazing how one wee bit of snow knackers Edinburgh’s bus service entirely. They keep boasting about the millions they have spent replacing the fleet with the most modern and top-spec buses in the UK, yet a little bit of slush stops them in their tracks! I can understand out in the sticks where buses might find it hard to get people in from the likes of Balerno or Currie, but through the city after the plough, salt sprayer and gritter have all been through?! It doesn’t add up. And of course I can hear the excuses already: “there is snow on the tracks so we have had to cancel our multi-mult-multi-million pound tram service—apologies for the inconvenience!”

I’m still trying to get of this run down feeling. I’ve had it on and off for the past month now and it’s really starting to hack me off. It’s manifesting now with a blocked then runny nose, sore heads, heavy eyes and tiredness. Mind you, it’s hard to avoid late nights at the moment so that’s bound to be taking its toll, too. Last night was no different—it was after 1am before I got the light out when ideally I should have been in bed way earlier the way I was feeling.

I said in yesterday’s post I was going to aim to get some writing done, but I forgot when I wrote that I would be working from home between 9pm and 11pm for day job stuff. *sigh*

Although that kind of brings me onto some other news regarding the day job. I mentioned something confidential was happening a few weeks ago and yesterday it was announced. My job role is changing to include new technical, risk and service governance. Sounds fancy, and I suppose it is, but it wil be a big challenge and lots more responsibility. I’m looking forward to it.

Prior to 9pm we got some food in and watched a family movie: The Muppets Christmas Carol—always a favourite at this time of year!

As for today I have no idea how long I will remain in the office or how I will get home. It was still snowing a short while ago so I reckon I will be leaving earlier than normal and if I am VERY lucky will get a bus part way. We shall see. Either way, if the snow is still there when I get home, I’m making a snowman in the garden with Laura tonight.

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1 Response to Apologies For The Inconvenience

  1. YOu walked pretty darned quickly! Congrats on the promotion, and glad you’re looking forward to it.

    Go to Napier’s. Get some Kava and some Echinecea. Take the Echinecea for about 7 days and the Kava for however long they advise. That should help sort you out.

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