Scrabble Addiction

Scrabble Addiction
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We have here a brief interlude in my Christmas/New Year holidays. Freshly passed is the Christmas holidays, packed with fun, food and frolics, and beyond today we have a real break away from home to let our hair down with friends, family, food and frolics. Lots of frolics—I like frolics.

Christmas was packed with tradition, mostly the kind that have developed over the years and passed form one generation to another, such as leaving out carrots, cookies and wine, hanging up the stocking, shouting up the Christmas tree, and of course, waiting until Dad goes down to turn the lights on and “see if Santa has been.”

Laura had a great Christmas Day, as did we all. After the initial explosion of gift swapping and unwrapping—I got some delights including a brand new coffee maker (with timer), a couple of books and CDs, and the immense box set of the entire collection of Only Fools and Horses shows—we got ready and headed round to Gail’s folks for the day.

My Mother in Law went over the top yet again, cooking way too much food than any of us could ever finish. It was a mammoth meal of sublime portions of turkey, roast and mashed tatties, sprouts, stuffing, pigs in blankets and more than I can actually remember. That came after a starter that included fresh prawns, smoked salmon and salad, and before a choice of two awesome desserts. I was absolutely stuffed but managed a few glasses of wine and cans of lager along the way.

Boxing Day was a slow and relaxed affair. Most of it was spent just being a family, enjoying several Christmas films while eating chocolates, and then the obligatory nip out to the sales to see if there were any bargains to be had. I returned with a bird table, a 2010 diary (1 page per day), and a MacDonalds for dinner.

The snow, which had provided me with my first proper White Christmas since the late 70s, began to be dissolved overnight into the 27th with rain and a much milder climate. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case in West Lothian where parts of the M8 were in pearl, and Perthshire where a foot of snow had fallen overnight. Both of these events meant we had to postpone the annual Galbraith Clan gathering at my parent’s house. It was very disappointing for everyone because we had all been looking forward to it so much but we postponed for next Saturday and look forward to it with much excitement.

Laura stayed at a friend’s house overnight so Gail and I bought a nice dinner for ourselves and watched a couple of films. However, there was more to it than that. On Christmas Day a couple of Nintendo DS Lites found their way into the proceedings and various games of Scrabble were had throughout the day. I got a bit carried away and on Sunday ended up rushing out and buying one for myself. So I could have someone to play Scrabble with I also bought one for Gail. Now we are Nintendo buddies and I seem to have developed a flash addiction to Scrabble.

Yesterday was a Bank Holiday so I was off while Gail worked. I spent the day tidying up and then with Laura when she returned. A few games of Scrabble were also had in between.

Today I am back at work but only until 3.30pm this afternoon. We’re heading off for our annual trip up north to the Trossachs tomorrow and I have yet to pack a thing for going away. On our way back on Saturday we will stop off at my parent’s house for the postponed Clan gathering. It should be a most relaxing and enjoyable journey through to the New Year, and one I know everyone under my roof needs.

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  1. That’s the way to do it — have over a week of celebrations, not just a single day!

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