Music + Books = Writing

Music + Books = Writing
Image: Kassy Miller

Very slow day at work yesterday. Being so tired after such a relaxing time was always going to be tough to pick myself up from, but it was much harder than I envisaged. I struggled to remember things from before Christmas, forgot where keys on my keyboard were, and generally found it a struggle to settle back into any form of routine.

The snow is still lying as thick and icy as it was yesterday and more has been forecast for later today. It’s never ending at the moment and those early days of feeling excited about the turn in weather have now long gone. The snow is not so much fun any more as it has become a total pain in the arse.

I was sorting out the gifts I received over Christmas and I have to say, pressie-wise it was pretty darned good! Among the usual things like socks and jumpers, I got a new dressing gown, the entire collection of every single episode made of Only Fools and Horses, a moon calendar, a new coffee maker, lots of chocolates, and I also bagged a few books and music CDs:

The Defence of the Realm: The Authorized History of MI5 by Christopher Andrew
Madness – One Step Beyond” (33 1/3) by Terry Edwards
Suggs and the City: My Journeys Through Disappearing London by Suggs (lead singer of Madness)
The Dictionary of Concise Writing
On Writing by Stephen King

Young Team by Mogwai
A Brighter Beat by Malcolm Middleton
Out of the Blue by Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)
The Sound of the Smiths by The Smiths

That should make for some great reading and music sessions in 2010!

I’ve sorted my January GDR, which you can find here. If you remember, I moved my GDR dates to August to July so have stretched out my 2009/10 GDR accordingly. As such, with not having achieved much for the last couple of months and with a new year upon me, I give to you my plan for January.

Monthly GDR PlanFiction
* Re-start writing Baccara Burning
* Write one new short/flash story per month
* Re-submit any rejected/recalled short stories
* Submit more fiction/poetry competitions

* Write at least one poem per week
* Work on Silly Poems for Wee People Vol.2

* Stay on top of RR submissions
* Publish RR issue 9 for December 2009

* Create platform for Gail to sell arty products
* Get a few more gigs to review for NotW
* Keep up all websites updated and relevant

Reading & Learning
* The Kenneth William Diaries by Russell Davies
* On Writing by Stephen King
* One Good Turn by Kate Atkinson

* Re-launch diet

Before I go, here is a selection of snaps from this years Christmas and New Year period.

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3 Responses to Music + Books = Writing

  1. Lovely photos, and great GDR list.

  2. AM says:

    The keys should each have a letter or number on them. Hope this helps!

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