Relaxing Productive

Relaxing Productive
Image: Linis Bohman

It was a productive weekend. I swapped my Saturday and Sunday routines around so I could have a lie on Saturday morning. I needed it—really needed it—and it paid off. When I arose the infernal tiredness had gone and I was feeling great about life. Lots of things to do and I had the energy and will to get through them all—starting with some house cleaning. Needs must and all that jazz.

My afternoon was very relaxing. I read, wrote a little, read some more. And I did a little bit of eating and drank some coffee.

The day culminated in a long awaited win against Gail at Scrabble… oh YES!! And that coincided with a beautiful Lamb Madras from The Prince Balti House. You simply can’t beat a good curry on a Saturday night.

Yesterday morning saw me take the trip out to Corstorphine to the pet shop. I stocked up on lots of rabbit gear—hay, cobs, muesli and pellets. I also got some new plants for my aquarium while I was at it. I took the opportunity to pop into PC World to take a scout around and was happy to see the whole shop has been redesigned. There appears to be much more room now and they have a much wider range of stock in including PC components. I’ll probably be back next week to invest in an external hard drive.

Back home, and after giving the office a good tidy, I got down to some serious work. I had a small backlog of gig and album reviews to work through, all of which were produced in sparkling form. It would appear my lay off has resulted in a full charge of creativity so when I was done with them I couldn’t wait to test that theory out on some fiction and poetry.

I got everything done on my to do list this weekend, which means there were some proud ticks going into my GDR for the month last night.

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  1. Glad you had such a productive weekend!

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