Homey Boy

Homey Boy
Image: Homeys.co.uk

I’ve ordered some new slippers. I came across some fabulous foot offerings called Homeys and was swept away, not only with the comfort they look like they have (like walking on shag pile) but also their designs—take a look for yourself! I ordered a pair of Crazy Feet; purple weave with innards like lambs wool. I can’t wait to get them.

This wasn’t an advert it was a genuine passionate post. I like slippers. I like being comfortable and if that means being comfortable in an old-fashioned, 1970s kind of way then so be it. I have good memories of the 70s—I was born then—and I always did like my old tartan baffies. These Homeys look just the job, which is good because I’ve not had a really god pair of slippers for a fair number of years now.

Long day in the office. I worked until 7pm on some technical investigation with one of the senior techies from another team. We’ve been working over the last few days and I’ve been learning a ton of stuff. It kind of knackers your brain when you walk out to go home though, as it makes it much harder to switch into the other side of your brain to do anything creative. I got home to find home-made Enchiladas on the go, which looked and smelled fantastic. Went down a treat, too.

I caught up on a few emails after dinner but I was so tired I struggled to manage to do much else. After watching a film the other night I had a few ideas for stories, which I jotted down on paper and will explore further a little later. They concern the interesting concept of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP). Stirring and provoking—I like things that do that to me.

Today I will be continuing the juicy technical work in the day job; hopefully I’ll get away earlier than 7pm, though. Tonight I have a few options available to me: a possible gig for review; writer’s group meeting (I’ve not been in months); a movie. Tune in tomorrow…

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4 Responses to Homey Boy

  1. Hope you can make it to writers’ group — always good for the soul.

  2. Brenda says:

    They look like old man slippers. Just saying ;).

  3. Fiona Owen says:

    Aw big bro, you should have had slippers on your Christmas list! p.s. calendar has arrived, will post this week. xx

  4. Jim K. says:

    Aah..too comfy….might eliminate my daily walk!
    I should slip into the LL Bean socks
    more often, though.

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