Keeping Balanced

Keeping Balanced
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I felt much better yesterday morning. I‘d got a great sleep the night before and was into work bright and early. Working early means I seem to get more done; less distractions and people sapping my time.

My week is turning into an obsessive nightmare with all the technical problems at work pushing me to doing things I wouldn’t normally do in order to find out the ultimate answers to the puzzles. The late working nights have paid off and this morning I was able to make recommendations that may just go a long way to fixing things. In this game, though, one never quite knows.

All this I.T. work isn’t to say I’ve not achieved anything creative! Things are moving and I’m actually currently rolling with more than one project. Silly Poems for Wee People Vol.2 is coming along nicely, I’ve pitched for more music writing ops with a record label I’ve been in touch with, I’ve been working on a few ideas in my notebook (that seems to proved the best respite from the day job than anything else), and I’ve done some other GDR bits and pieces. So the week hasn’t all been one-sided.

Finally, congratulations to Val McDermid who has been named as the recipient of this year’s prestigious Crime Writers’ Association (CWA) Cartier Diamond Dagger Award, which honours outstanding achievement in the field of crime writing. The announcement was made by the CWA in recognition of Val’s work over more than 20 years. She’s a fabulous writer and a wonderful person and I’m delighted she’s won it.

To today: I’m close on a few GDRs so if I can just manage to get them ticked off by the monthly halfway mark I’ll be teed up beautifully for the next fortnight.

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1 Response to Keeping Balanced

  1. Val is outstanding, as a person and a writer, and she deserves the award!

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