Another Belter

Another Belter
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I noticed out of my office window yesterday that I’d still to pick up the bird table that got blown over on Friday night. It’s still to attract the attention of any little feathered friends, so I repositioned it nearer the garage where I can see it and restocked it with seed and bread. I await some attention with baited breath.

After such a lovely Saturday I knew Sunday would be hard to match. But it did its best and came up trumps. Up and ready before anyone else in the house, I settled down to work with a fresh pot of Italian blend and wrote my blog post early doors.

During my morning email check I became aware that my invite to join an online poetry group was not just a normal piece of spam. I was checking the Bluegate Poets website and discovered that my book, POOLSIDE POETRY, had been listed for the group’s members! What a lovely compliment so I joined up forthwith in order to leave a message of thanks.

I also came across a review of STELLA I was unaware of and it’s not a bad one either. It’s by Ghost Writer Reviews and you can read it here. Maybe you might like to buy a copy? You can do so here: Click here to purchase STELLA.

I’m delighted to say that my entire afternoon was spent in the company of a certain Stella and her sidekick Randolph. I can’t tell you how great it was to finally open up the manuscript again and begin renewing myself properly with the story and my characters. There are many, many mistakes with this book, and as I worked my way through the first three chapters (14 pages) I came to realise that this was one of the reasons it had all come to a halt. It’s a sign I will need to recognise in the future.

The layoff of attention to BACCARA BURNING—the sequel to STELLA—has given me a new position on how I look at the story. I don’t feel quite so confined within it for some reason, and the characters are more consistent with the first book. I think I was going mad writing it first time round so I suppose I should be glad I stopped when I did. There’s a momentum and energy gathering within me that I’ve not felt for quite some time.

I’ve written poetry, fiction, an article or two and have got totally organised this weekend, just the way I like to be. I’m very content at the moment and I went to bed with a glow last night. To be honest, yesterday afternoon alone was the crown jewel because uninterrupted writing time is a treasured commodity these days and I made it count, which is what matters most.

I feel at this back I should say something like, “I’m back!” but it feels more intense than that. I feel reborn.

Also gathering momentum is a muted plan to get a group together and join Madness on part of their European tour next year. It’s slightly possible I’ll be heading to Paris and Amsterdam to see the lads perform, and a Facebook site has been set up to coordinate it at: Check it out here.

Back to the day job today, but something tells me this is going to be a productive week on both sides of the rat race fence.

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  1. Paris and Amsterdam.


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