The Other Side Of The Fence

The Other Side Of The Fence
Image: Ian Colston

One would have hoped after a weekend of creative indulgence and some quality me time, that the start of the week would have been an easier slide back into my day job in I.T. But no, it was as though the weekend never happened. From 8am I was back into it 100% with no questions asked; limits pushed, lessons learned, questions asked; and technical understanding stretched.

The main crux of my problem is a bloke from an important vendor who is coming up from London today to do some work in the development environment for one of our systems. Only that environment won’t start, and despite the absence of any error, log entries and all required boxes being ticked, it just won’t work. More importantly, I can’t get it to work.

Cue the fun and games for today when I tell them.

I got home late and after a nice pasta dinner set about creating a backup and synchronisation schedule for my PC. I’ve got it programmed for weekly synchronisations of everything to my external hard drive, and daily syncs of the important, more regularly used data such as my “Writing Folder” which is set to run each time I close down. It’s a good way to ensure I’ll never lose work.

The lovely Tania Hershman has listed my Ranfurly Review in her newly published Non-Complete List of UK and Ireland Lit-Mags. Thanks Tania!

That’s all for today really. I should be able to get some writing work done tonight as I’ll have the house to myself. That all depends on getting away from the office at a reasonable time, though.

I’m still waiting for my Homey slippers to arrive. They were posted yesterday.

The Ranfurly Review – FREE to download – OUT NOW!

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1 Response to The Other Side Of The Fence

  1. Good luck on the writing. It should help you feel grounded after a busy day. And congrats on the new listing for RANFURLY REVIEW!

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