The Middle Ages

The Middle Ages
Image: Binny’s Phone

Yesterday saw my little sister move gently from innocent child to middle age in the blink of an eye. Yes, it was her birthday. I spoke to her on the phone a couple of times—she’s taken the WHOLE week off work to spend time chilling, which includes massages, meals and drinks—and then on Thursday evening I’ll be staying over before I get the train to York so will buy her a Chinese meal and give her my present.


Also, Scotland said goodbye to one off its most colourful characters yesterday. Bill Mclaren, a.k.a. “The Voice of Rugby” was buried in Hawick after he died last week 86.

It was Bill’s infectious passion for the game and constant humorous ad-libs that made rugby a sport worth watching. I never was completely knowledgeable about the game, it just wasn’t my sport, but with Bill commentating it was understandable as well as entertaining. He was already missed as a commentator of all Scotland’s matches, but even more now he has left us.

Speaking of the middle ages, I’ve yet to pick up my Homey’s because of having to work late a lot at the day job. Gail now has the P.O. card – and tonight could be the night. My excitement knows no bounds as I await the moment I slip into my new slip-ons.

I’ve caught right up with myself on the writing of BACCARA BURNING. I’m up to speed with everything and have a lot of decisions to make to take the story forward—isn’t that what writing is all about?

Sunday was a great writing day actually. Same as last week, but I need to keep it going. The frustrating thing for me at the moment isn’t so much the amount of work I have on that’s getting in the way, it’s having to constantly show people how to do the same things I’ve already shown them a dozen times already, which is a real drain on my time and forcing me into working a little later. Memory loss at will is a disease many people seem to have around these parts.

Today’s to-do’s: day job, Baccara Burning, Silly Poems, submissions list.

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5 Responses to The Middle Ages

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  2. Mum says:

    Would it not have been quicker just to slip into a shop and buy your slippers? They could even have been on your Christmas list!!!

  3. Binny says:

    I’m no that old cheeky!!!! having a nice blissful week off 🙂
    already got my present from you and can’t wait…. SLF on 17 March, yeehaaa!! 😀

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