Broken Hearts (Fans)

Broken Hearts (Fans)

Being a St. Mirren fan doesn’t usually give one anything much to ever shout about. It sort of comes with the territory. Today, however, all that is different.

Being a west-coaster in the land of mainly Hearts and Hibernian fans is usually a bit of a pain, as they try to justify why they are better than the Old Firm. Frankly, I couldn’t care about any of them, because the Old Firm are warped bigots and the Edinburgh teams never quite as good as they claim. But today, however, it is my turn to shout.

Last night St. Mirren beat Hearts in the semi-final of the Scottish League Cup to reach their first final in this particular competition since 1955. It was a single goal that won it—Billy Mehmet’s screaming curler—and it sunk the hearts of a large percentage of the population of this city.

It was beautiful, it was awesome, and Paisley sand and dance late into the night as it celebrated the promise of a huge day out at Hampden against either St. Johnstone or Rangers (who play in the other semi tonight). And there maybe even a glimmer of hope of some silverware at the end of it all.

I took a wee trip with my wife to the spectacle shop yesterday evening. I had my eyes tested—no change in prescription and perfect health—then selected new glasses. There was a 2 for 1 offer on so I selected an every day pair and a “going out” pair. The every day pair are quite cool, metallic in silver and black with half rims; the “going out” pair are quite bold, dark and wide with a leopard skin backing. It sounds totally outrageous but they are actually quite subtle and very sexy if I say so myself. I’ll hopefully get them over the weekend.

Some freelance writing news. It turns out that I’m still on the books for Text Link Brokers. I used to write shed loads for these guys, churning out viral articles and shorts on almost anything, but concentrating on music, drugs (medicinal), sports and occasionally re-writes. I haven’t written anything for over a year for them after they asked me to launch and administer a marketing website, which wasn’t really for me, so I kind of assumed they had nothing more and had dropped me.

I was wrong. On Monday night I got an email from one of their managers asking me to take care of an assignment. It wasn’t a problem—the money is as good as always—but I mentioned that I thought I had been dropped 13 months ago. It turns out that wasn’t the case and that it appears that I had fallen through the cracks during several management shuffles, which was a constant happening during the couple of years I wrote solidly for them. I’m glad they still value my writing, though, and I’ll be happy to deliver.

Time to unveil February’s GDR plan. It has much the same as last month but with the focus on keeping all the good things going from January.

Monthly GDR Plan

* Write 20K words on Baccara Burning
* Write one new short/flash story per month
* Re-submit any rejected/recalled short stories
* Submit more fiction/poetry competitions

* Write at least one poem per week
* Complete MS for Silly Poems for Wee People Vol.2
* Start preparing new chapbook, Silly Poems for Wee People Vol.2

* Stay on top of RR submissions
* Start preparing for March 09 issue

* Get a few more gigs to review for NotW
* Keep up all websites updated and relevant

Reading & Learning
* The Kenneth William Diaries by Russell Davies
* On Writing by Stephen King
* One Good Turn by Kate Atkinson

* Keep diet going

As promised, here are some pictures from York. Don’t expect to see any of the city, though, as it wasn’t that kind of trip.

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