Phone Call From America

Phone Call From America
Image: Seattle Municipal Archives

It’s definitely getting milder. The wearing of my bunnet is now becoming an unnecessary addition to my daily attire, although we’re not quite at the stage I can safely leave the house with it and risk freezing my napper to the bone. Still, it’s a sign that despite the snow two days ago, Spring has turned in its sack and will soon be awakening.

Maybe the birds will start using my bird table then!

Having a great week in the day job. Everything is going smooth, I’m winning at every turn, and the macaroni yesterday was simply sublime.

I got through all my intended work items yesterday. Felt good, too. I was already half way through the article re-write for TLB when my mobile phone rang. Assuming it was my office (I’m on standby this week) I answered it, only to hear an American lady’s voice way off in the distance. It was the editor who had sent me the assignment and she was calling me from Arizona in the States!

Now, this is where being Scottish doesn’t do one any favours. She was checking up on the status of the article because it had become urgent—to which I polished it all off and got it sent away within the hour, no problem—but half of the phone call was spent with the two of us in laughter because she loved, but couldn’t understand, my broad Scottish accent.

All too often I forget about my accent when talking to folk, because it’s not just the intonation but the speed I tend to go at. Even Gail struggles to understand me sometimes, and don’t even bother if you see me in Clark’s one day and I look like I’ve had a few. Alcohol only intensifies the tongue until only those well versed in west coast vernacular can remain in conversation. I have no plans to change, however.

I also got through plenty of submissions (although only half as much as I wanted): 2 short stories to competitions, 4 poems to a competition, and 1 short story to a magazine. More to do today!

Today’s plan: day job, visit Clark’s for a couple of pints after work, a nice dinner, complete submissions, do some writing, then look forward to the weekend – the Six Nations starts tomorrow 🙂

The Scruffy Dog Review – Winter Issue OUT NOW!!

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1 Response to Phone Call From America

  1. I tend to serve as translator at my favorite Scottish bar in nYC between the staff and the customers. It’s pretty funny.

    So glad the gig worked out!

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