Back In The Groove

Back In The Groove

A most satisfying weekend. I worked on several projects over the course of Saturday and Sunday, with BACCARA BURNING and SILLY POEMS FOR WEE PEOPLE VOL.2 bearing the brunt of my manic pencil. Things are moving nicely now; productivity and creativity are running side by side like two Cheetahs tied at the waist.

I never went up town on Saturday morning. The weather was too depressing and I didn’t fancy getting soaked or drinking coffee under a grey sky. I was up before dawn working on Day Job stuff for a couple of hours, then I took care of my homely duties early on and settled down for lunch in time to watch the St. Mirren v Rangers Scottish Cup 5th round match live on the Beeb.

We drew 0-0, and although Rangers weren’t firing on all cylinders one has to remember they are pretty shite at the moment anyway, and don’t actually have a full quote of cylinders from which to fire. We should have taken them; that could be our best chance gone.

I started work on several poems during the afternoon—some kids, some adult—and also did a bit of reading. I watched a film, The Sea Chase with John Wayne, then fell asleep for a couple of hours on he couch, the early morning start finally catching up with me. I was awake in time for dinner though, a Chinese meal of Chicken in Oyster Sauce with Fried Rice, and I wolfed it down while watching a great movie: In Bruges.

Into Sunday then and I finally bagged a long lie. I really needed it, too but I never let it knock me off my stride. With brunch taken care of (pakora and Irn-Bru—the natural way to start a Sunday), I read the paper then sat down to write. I tanned 3,500 words of BACCARA BURNING, but more than that I figured out the holes in the plot that have been bugging me senseless for weeks.

I watched a Sunday film—The Muppet Movie—one of the films I got last week and always a treat. Then it was time to watch Scotland being rigorously humped by a superior French team in our opening Six Nations Championship match. I read some more and let Sunday slip away gently.

Overall it was a damn good week. The highlights would have to be the new issue of SDR published smoothly, good work on some poems, several important submissions made, a freelance gig assigned and expedited, and several thousand words down on BACCARA.

At last I feel I can say it and KNOW that I mean it—I’m back in the groove!

Here’s a Monday Funny for you: the perfect Freudian Slip from a Fox News Anchor:

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1 Response to Back In The Groove

  1. Diane says:

    Glad to see you seem to be back. :o)

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