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Suddenly, I am back up to full speed without even noticing. After my recent lay off I decided to concentrate on one project at a time and to clearing my outstanding GDRs from last year. Now, I find I have several projects all running at once—they kind of crept up on me—all these plates spinning once again and I have to admit I’m loving it.

So what are all these projects?

Top of my priorities remains the completion of BACCARA BURNING. It’s the sequel to STELLA, my paranormal mystery novella published last year. This is followed swiftly on my must-do list by GREENER IS THE GRASS, a crime novella that has already been through several re-writes and is almost ready to go out hunting for a publisher. Why it’s not already is down purely down to my recent absence.

Next up are two competitions, both both fresh challenges that fit neatly into the “new writing I will try out this year” category. The first is a 10-minute play, the theme ‘anniversaries’, and it’s being run by the The Sussex Playwrights’ Club. I’ve begun the first draft of a mini play called LETTING GO, about two old men, one of whom is mourning the anniversary of his wife’s death.

The second challenge is a 15-minute sitcom for the second annual Sitcom Saturday being run by the Real Deal Theatre in London. I tried writing a sitcom once before and failed. That was three half hour episodes, though; this is only 15 minutes so hopefully I can make something work. I’m not doing this with the aim of winning (though it would be nice, obviously) but more to try something new and to keep my creative pot topped up with a nice mixture of interesting ingredients.

On the poetry front I am well into the work needed to put together SILLY POEMS FOR WEE PEOPLE VOL.2. I won’t make the March self-imposed deadline but that’s O.K., so long as it’s moving, right?

And last night I re-discovered a project I started working on last year sometime and had totally forgotten about. It’s another chapbook, a collection of poetry about Edinburgh. I gave it a working title last night: ROSE STREET RIPPERS. It’s nearer being a complete manuscript than SILLY POEMS is.

So what with all that work and the short story, PAINT, I’m working on, I have a good balance of work on my plate just now and it’s all moving forward steadily. I’m fizzing again and long may that continue.

Mind you, I nearly slept in for work this morning because I was up late working on all this. I woke up at the back of 7am and had to be for 8 o’clock. It’s damn cold outside again, though, but come lunchtime that will all be forgotten when a group of us from the department head up to Thomson’s Pub for one of their famous Pie and Pint lunches.

To top the morning off my second royalty payment arrived for sales of STELLA. More copies sold this last quarter than the previous (my first) but I feel that maybe I should start a new round of promotion. Perhaps the spark of a new chapbook will help give things a wee boost…

The Scruffy Dog Review – Winter Issue OUT NOW!!

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3 Responses to Fizzing

  1. Diane says:

    One project at a time obviously works when you need to get back into it. Won’t be long before you’re juggling again. Well done, keep going. :o)

  2. Diane says:

    I keep forgetting to leave the nose off … 😦

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