A Fine Week

A Fine Week
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It’s been a fine week. I’ve managed some good writing, made lots of progress and had a few successes at the day job, my DVD box set of The West Wing and The Bourne Trilogy arrived, and I got some free CDs in for review from some producers. All I need now are a new pair of glasses—yes, still waiting—a couple of beers and maybe even a wee Indian to top the last seven days off.

We’ve had all kinds of weather in Edinburgh this week: bright and sunny, cool and crisp, freezing snow and sludge, and now today we have our second day in a row where it is chucking it down. It’s mental, I say, mental!

I suddenly remembered that because this is February we’re a few days shorter than our normal allocation. This isn’t too bad on the writing front because I’ve already got loads done, but it means I’ve less days than I banked for getting the spring issue of the Ranfurly Review out.

It’s all laid out and ready to go, but yet again I’m giving problems with the front cover. I can NEVER decide what to use and I end up doing this every time a new issue is imminent. I really need to build up a bank of covers to select from, but as it stands I’m still on the hunt for something I like with three days to go.

I came across a delightful quote from Mr John Steinbeck last night, one which I think is quite appropriate for any writers who happen to keep rabbits: “Ideas are like rabbits—you get a couple and learn how to handle them and pretty soon you have a dozen.”

I’m planning having a good weekend. I’m not sure about tonight yet, but tomorrow I’m on standby and have to work at 5am, so I can’t go that far but I should be able to get some work done. Not too much, though, as I do need to relax sometime. If I can manage it I’ll head out to the coffee shop for some chilling after I’ve worked.

I ordered my copy of The Specials 30th Anniversary Tour Edition DVD last night (it comes out on Monday). It looks an awesome purchase and memento of 2009, which saw me finally witness a Specials gig after waiting for 30 years. Here’s the video preview, look closely at 00:08—it’s the Glasgow Academy!

Till tomorrow—peace out!

The Scruffy Dog Review – Winter Issue OUT NOW!!

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