Bits ‘n’ Pieces

Bits ‘n’ Pieces
Image: Les Chatfield

I finished work around 6:30am yesterday but was so tired opted to go back to bed for 90-minutes. It paid off. I felt much better after the extra nap. When I got up for the second time it was still raining but I felt like a ray of sunshine. *barf*

One thing I forgot to factor into my day was the Six Nations Championship. It was yet another terrible display by Scotland, losing in Rome due to their inability to take their chances and get the ball over the line. In two weeks we play England—I fear the worst, although we do tend to lift our game slightly for that one. With any luck the English will still be bruised after the defeat to Ireland at home later in the afternoon.

The March issue of the Ranfurly Review is ready to go and will be published tomorrow bang on schedule. I got the cover sorted after much internal debate. I’m still not entirely sure it works but I like the picture so I went with it.

I also dealt with some website updates that I forgot were languishing—that didn’t take long—then wired into the rest of the work I had planned. My father in law was round for a couple of hours, which took me up to dinner time, then with the house full of noisy kids upstairs for yet another sleepover, I spent most of the evening in the living room talking to Gail about her latest photography project. It’s a big one but I’ll need permission before I can reveal it.

Up early this morning to complete part two of the overtime work from yesterday, I’m about to head out to get a newspaper and a few messages, then make a dent into the remaining work for today. Going into Sunday my mini-GDR for the weekend now looks like this:

  • 5,000 words on BACCARA BURNING
  • Complete 1st draft of stage play – STALLED
  • Prepare March newsletter
  • February GDR review
  • March GDR Plan – DONE
  • Complete Spring issue of RR – DONE
  • More polishing of SILLY POEMS 2 chapbook

The stageplay has stalled because it needs to be a lot longer and yet it feels complete. I have until the end of April if I’m going to submit it, which is just as well because I’m not sure what to do with it now. I agreed with myself I would sit on it for now and see if anything occurs.

It’s the final day of the month, but as it’s a Sunday and there is still much I want to do I’ll wait until tonight before publishing my monthly GDR review in a separate posting.

If you’re subscribed to my monthly newsletter now’s a good time. I’ll be unveiling the front cover to my new book, SILLY POEMS FOR WEE PEOPLE VOL.2. You can subscribe by going to this page.

Till later this evening, peace out!

The Scruffy Dog Review – Winter Issue OUT NOW!!

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