Moving Ever Closer To The Mac

Moving Ever Closer To The Mac
Image: Macbitz

After much tinkering with the email client on my PC I can formally announce I am now 100% back in action. But I’m still not happy; not happy with the fact I have to go through this every time I have to reinstall the O/S, which quite frankly shouldn’t need done at all in order to keep the system top-top and running smoothly.

To that end I had some spare time yesterday morning so after popping into the opticians to see if my specs were ready (they weren’t, but I approached them with a deal, which you will find out about in tomorrow’s post hopefully), and after buying some fresh coffee from Tesco, I popped into PC World to see what they had in the way of Macs.

They had the usual array of laptops, which all look terrific quite frankly and I had a wee play with some of them. Not sure about the low keyboard on some of them but as I was toying around the Apple guy came back and started talking to me. “Here we go,” I thought, “more sales patter” but actually the guy was pretty cool.

He wasn’t giving me a hard sell or anything and we started talking about the differences in working with a Mac as opposed to a PC. He used to work in I.T. also, and so our discussion got down to the level you rarely get from sales folk—a good technical understanding and appreciation of how things actually work in the real world. As the conversation went on he suggested an alternative to the Macbook that might suit me more—the Mac Mini.

I admit to not having much exposure to Apple other than their Macbooks and iPods, so it may come as a surprise to read that I had never heard of the Mac Mini. It can be held in your hands and does all a Macbook would do except it’s essentially a desktop replacement. It’s a small silver box. It has sockets and jacks in the back and a front CD/DVD loader and it has a lot of power under the hood. It could be exactly what I’m looking for if I choose to leave the world of the PC behind.

When I got home I started reading up on it. It looks just the job, though I’m not going to invest just yet, it’s definitely the way I would go if/when I do move to a Mac—and on this revelation that could be sooner rather than later. I seem to get the impression that if I do move to a Mac I won’t look back and judging by what I saw/read today I am more convinced that could be just the case.

There’s not much else to write about the weekend although I had an awesome curry with my wife on Saturday night: lamb pathia with all the trimmings. Delish!

On the writing front I worked on two and a bit things. The “bit” was the submission of more poems and stories, and one of the other things was the final proof being sent to the publisher of SILLY POEMS FOR WEE PEOPLE VOL.2. It’s all done now and I await the free proof copy to arrive on my doorstep some time in the next week. The launch date is April 2nd so I have much to do, but I’ve already done the web page for it and started pumping out some promo ideas.

The major thing I’ve been working on is solid writing and developing ideas for BACCARA BURNING. It’s coming on very nicely and I had to make myself stop last night. One of the small bit-part characters looks as though he may have a larger bearing on the outcome of the story than I first realised.

When I left the story late last night I did have a problem though: both the main characters have gotten separated and are in dire straits. My dilemma now is—who the hell saves who?

The life of a writer—always interesting.

Peace and out!

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5 Responses to Moving Ever Closer To The Mac

  1. Diane says:

    I don’t know a single person that has moved to Mac that isn’t glad they did. I’ll be sticking to the good old pc until I win the lottery or sell a best seller or benefit from some other kind of windfall.

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  3. The Mac Mini seemed so alien to me that I skipped right over it and went for the laptop, with which I’m very comfortable, but for you, you’re right, it could be a good choice.

    Macs just make the writing life easier on so many levels, and, as expensive as they are up front, they pay for themselves really quickly. I simply could not have made the move to full-time freelancing if I was dealing with the PC issues. I literally lost half my workday every day on the PC. Now, I’m just battling 1and1 for email, but that’ll change once i move hosts!

    It was worth the scrimping and saving and giving up anything that wasn’t essential to put together the money to buy it.

    Yes, I am of the Cult of Mac, and it is good. . .

  4. mum says:

    Did you know there is an Apple shop in Buchanan Street? You could check it out when you are through next week.

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