Proofs And Presses

Proofs And Presses
Image: Colin Galbraith

I’m shattered. My eyes hurt, my head is sore, I have that run down snivelly thing going on and I want to sleep for hours while at the same time go out and let my hair down. Maybe I can do both. Scotland are playing England at rugby in the Six Nations Championship tomorrow so maybe if I can get a decent night’s kip I can manage it.

The reason I’m feeling this way has been a week of elongated days and stress thrown in thanks to having to clear up after other people’s errors. It’s part of the job, as is getting the point across, but it doesn’t half create some knots in my shoulders and back by the end of each day. I go home totally buzzed and worked up and it takes me a while to come back down off it. Mind you,  the announcements for pay rises and bonuses are made today so fingers crossed that helps.

Philistine Press have a blog and they showcased my free poetry e-books on Monday. Check it out here. I quite like the editor’s own poetry—it’s similar to mine and he has many of the same influences—so it’s a shame Philistine isn’t more established or I’d consider maybe sending something in.

My proof copy of SILLY POEMS FOR WEE PEOPLE VOL.2 arrived. It all looks great apart from a missed page at the start and a couple of graphics resolutions. I need to insert a blank page at the start of the book to line it up correctly otherwise all the pages are off by one. Might also need to create another couple of images, unless I can sort the ones with the problem. Other than that, though, it looks totally fab!

I ordered a book of poetry from a local press here in Edinburgh and another chapbook arrived, this time as part of the Poetry Super Highway E-book Exchange 2010. Everyone who signs up receives a random book from another poet and agrees to send one of theirs to some else.

A copy of FRINGE FANTASTIC was sent out to the States last week, while yesterday I received a copy of Another Song For Another Eden by Mike Scheidemann in Israel. It’s a 103-page hardback with images and some Hebrew translations. I’m looking forward to reading it. More here: Voices Israel.

Think that’s about it.

Peace and out!

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