No Plans

No Plans
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Several pints of cold lager were had on Friday evening in my favourite haunt, Clark’s Bar, so much that by Saturday morning I was feeling a touch on the rough side. Not quite sure how it happened myself, but it had been one of those weeks that required some alcohol to start the wind down earlier than normal.

It had been a good day, too; the salary and bonus announcement’s were made and I did quite well, so the working week finished on a high.

For one reason or another my mates couldn’t make the rugby session yesterday so I skipped the entire thing and elected to watch Scotland play England in the Six Nations Rugby match from the comfort of my own home. I missed not getting any of the atmosphere and all the laughs that come with it, but it’s going to be a busy week on the party front anyway so I wasn’t too bothered.

The game was neck and neck the whole way and it ended up finishing a 15-15 draw. It was a good old fashioned exciting rugby match that only the Six Nations can serve up.

I did a lot of reading and notebook scribing today. After a 50+hour week working at the computer in the day job I needed a break but it’s always good to cleanse the soul by writing poems and reading good books.
My cup final tickets have arrived but I need to go and collect them from the depot because they require a signature. Which is a paint because it;s really hard to get to now since it moved from Brunswick Road.

My new glasses are also in. Actually, they’ve been in since Friday but I’ve not gone to collect them yet. I asked if I could have the ones that were sent in error because I actually quite liked them, but because the manager was on holiday nobody could make the decision. They can’t even five the damn things away.

I’m toying with the idea of going to collect them now but I’m almost scared to make the trip in case something else goes wrong. I need hay for the rabbit, so I might have to be up there anyway. In any case, if I wait until tomorrow I should be able to get both pairs as the manager will be back from holidays—supposedly.

Today: no direct plans.

Peace, out!

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