Always The Good Guys

Always The Good Guys
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I arrived at work yesterday for what I thought was a happy gathering of colleagues, so that the management could buy us breakfast to thank us all for the hard work we’ve put in as a collective unit over the past year. But it turned out to something entirely different.

A couple of weeks ago we were told of a colleague who had developed cancer and we would be unlikely to see him for about six months while he underwent chemotherapy. On Sunday he died after complications following emergency surgery. He was the same age as me.

One of the things I’ve really come to appreciate about the area I work in now is the closeness and tight knit nature of the teams. There’s a real sense of a team bond and of wanting to work together for the greater cause, and this gets reflected on department nights out, which are always a lot of fun. So to lose someone like this is a real blow and there was a lot emotion in that conference room yesterday morning.

Kerr was only recently married and a lot of our thoughts went out to his widow and family, to have suffered such a tragedy so soon after learning of his illness must be devastating. The whole thing is just so terribly, terribly sad and everyone is going to miss the guy an awful lot. He was a quiet, friendly and funny guy, easy to work with and a brilliant I.T. professional. It was a horrible day after we learnt of the news.

That’s all I have to write about today, I never did anything in the way of writing except to pen this post.

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1 Response to Always The Good Guys

  1. My condolences. It’s always hard to lose a colleague, especially a contemporary. It also shows the positive progress made in your office over the intervening months towards a tightly-knit, coherent group.

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