Books Everywhere

Books Everywhere
Image: Austin Evan

Just a quick post today as I have loads to get through. I had an easy day yesterday—as Saturday’s should be. I decided not to leave the house except to feed the animals, because given that I’m off all next week I was in no hurry to rush out to the nearest coffee shop to chill. This is my week and I’m going to do as I feel.

My office is in a bit of a state. After some housely chores I got stuck in but soon discovered it was in more need of a deep clean than I realised. I’ve no idea where the dust and crap comes from but it really needed a touch of bleach and a good scrub. It will be later today before it’s finished.

I’ve so many books lying around I just do not know what to do with them. Many were given to me, many bought and many have simply found their way into my room with no apparent history of where they came from. I’ve started splitting them into piles: keep close; keep near; and stick in a box in the loft. The ‘keep close’ ones will be added to my book shelves, and the ‘keep near’ will go into boxes I have hiding under the bed.

I watched a programme about the art collection of Queen Victoria and the importance it played throughout her life. With some interviews from HRH Prince of Wales, it was a fascinating insight into her life with Albert and how, in the absence of quality photography such as we do these days, played such an important part in documenting their lives.

Speaking of documentaries, over my morning coffee this morning I watched an interview with Desmond Tutu talking to Fern Britton. A lot of the TV images they showed as they describe his life fighting apartheid, brought back loads of memories of news stories I remember seeing when I was a kid. Interesting stuff and an amazing guy.

Right! I have to get going as the sooner I get my cleaning out the way the sooner I can start using my office for its primary purpose: writing.

Until tomorrow, peace and out!

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1 Response to Books Everywhere

  1. Isn’t it amazing to re-visit historical interviews/news stories/documentaries you remember living the first time as a child? The emotions remain similar, even with the more mature perspective.

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