First Draft Of Baccara Burning Down, Finally

First Draft Of Baccara Burning Down, Finally
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Deary me, yesterday was long and tiring. If you haven’t already heard my new book, SILLY POEMS FOR WEE PEOPLE VOL.2 was made available to the public at large, which for me involved much PR work and marketing-related tasks. I’m still trying to gather up some interviews and hot spots, but the bulk of the initial work went through without a hitch. I’m a dab hand at this now, but the longevity of it all does make launch day hard work.

If you aren’t subscribed to my newsletter you missed a chance to win a signed copy of the new book (so sign up now for next time), but should you choose to start following me on Twitter, you can still grab a free copy of the e-book version until 9pm tonight. Go this way:

For any PR types reading, you can find the official press release here.

I did nothing in the morning, though. It was the first day of the Easter holidays and with school having broken up Laura and I spent the morning together. We’ve not had a day solely to ourselves for a wee while so it was good to spend time with her. We had breakfast then went up town, spent time in a few shops and went for lunch in Starbucks on Prince Street. It was good fun—she’s so bloody grown up it’s scary.

My afternoon was all about promotion, but there came a point while standing out in my back garden talking to my rabbit that something happened. Two days ago I reached the point in the writing of BACCARA BURNING where I knew I was within one chapter of completing the book. The last two days have seen me procrastinate with it somewhat, but that was masked due to the amount of work I had to do on the book release.

Then it hit me. Like a bolt of lightning I realised what had to happen in the final chapter. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen it before now, and I couldn’t believe I had to write it for it all to make sense. I retreated to my office at around 6pm to begin writing it. At 7.15pm I finished. The whole book, draft one is finally complete, which was my main aim for this last week’s holiday from work. It was an emotional experience (the whole book) because nothing went the way I planned it and the way it ended… well, I left it up to the characters as I promised and they didn’t let me down. That’s all I can say without revealing anything.

Before I go, here’s another chance to view what has to be my funniest book trailer to date.

Until tomorrow, peace and out!

Silly Poems for Wee People Vol.2 by Colin Galbraith – available from Friday 2nd April, 2010

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