Collecting Juicy Butts

Collecting Juicy Butts
Image: Indi Samarajiva

Edinburgh bathed in warm sunshine yesterday making it a grand end to a turbulent week on the weather front. We’ve gone from heavy snow and sleet to glorious sunshine in the space of hours. Remarkable, but when people lose their lives over it, it makes an odd paradox when attempting to understand the Scottish weather.

I took advantage of the shiny end of my nine days off to head up town and do some book browsing. Paul Auster’s new book looks great and I saw one I really must get from Quintin Jardin: Skinner’s Festival. I’ve got too many on my “to-read” list for now but since it is set during the Fringe festival in August I’ll buy and read it nearer then for some atmospheric influence.

This past week I’ve noticed several people in Leith stopping to pick up cigarette butts from the ground and put them in their pocket, or on one occasion, light it there and then. My first reaction is how disgusting a thing that is, but my secondary thought is just how much has the duty gone up on a packet of fags after last week’s budget?

This trend is an old trick that used to be performed by prisoners and soldiers in the army—could still be so far as I know. The idea is to collect as many cigarette butts as possible then empty the tobacco into a Rizla, roll it up and smoke as new. This practice was also mentioned in the Madness song, Land of Hope and Glory:

I get so bored as time goes by,
I think I’ll do something dirty,
I pick at the floor for juicy butts,
And I make myself a smoke.

Anyway, I stopped off at Nero’s Coffee Shop on Rose Street and spent an hour reading The Guardian over a giant cappuccino and muffin (the coffee was giant; the muffin was soft and blueberry) before heading back home and stopping in to see Gail in her new photographic studio as it takes shape. She was cleaning up Lucozade from the floor, spilled by her dad only moments before so it looks like things are going well.

With BACCARA BURNING finally down on paper I spent most of the afternoon doing what I’d been putting off most of the week: cleaning and tidying the house. Mentally, I was getting myself prepared to get stuck into polishing off the final draft of GREENER IS THE GRASS. I’m still in the void that follows the completion of a large piece of fiction, but the sooner I get into GREENER the sooner I can get it out.

I made a chicken/pasta dish for dinner, which was both filling and healthy, then blew it with the large Galaxy bar I ate for afters. C’est la vie.

Happy Easter if you’re into all that, and the the rest of you have a great weekend with what’s remaining. Me, I’m off to do some reading, some writing and enjoy the final day of my holidays. I have two Easter Eggs downstairs, so I’m sure they will play a part at some point, too.

Until tomorrow, peace and out!

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2 Responses to Collecting Juicy Butts

  1. There’s always a sense of loss and separation anxiety after finishing a big piece, isn’t there? Diving into the next one is the best way to combat it.

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