A Big Thanks

A Big Thanks
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As is typical for an Easter Monday it rained all morning. No worries on my part because my holiday was officially over now and I was back to work, the beauty of that being it was now a holiday for almost everyone else instead. This also meant the buses were running a limited service and I still had to get to the office for 8am. Quiet roads, though, delightfully quiet roads.

I cheered myself up with a bacon roll and filter coffee from the company’s very own Starbucks situated inside the building, then settled down to working my through the hundreds of emails waiting for me when I logged on.

I was delighted to discover I still have 10 whole days of holiday entitlement remaining from the day job. That means I have yet to take another 5 days (1 whole working week) before mid-June so I don’t lose them from this year’s entitlement. So, the first week in May I have ANOTHER full week’s holiday! Not only that, but I’ll be off this Friday afternoon for a day of “management discretion” after a spot of work I did last week while on my most recent break. Lovely jubbly.

Normally I get around 250—300 readers of my blog each week, which I regard as a healthy number for a blog of this nature. On checking my stats email this week after what was an enjoyable and rich week of blogging, my numbers have soared sky high. 798 people read my blog last week! Obviously a lot of those returned every day, which are still counted as unique hits since the content changes daily along with it, but we’re talking about a major hike in my readership. I’ve not drilled into it yet, but if any of this is down to the release of SILLY POEMS FOR WEE PEOPLE VOL.2 then fingers crossed the first week’s sales figures will be just as good!

Thank you all, my dear readers—old and new—for welcoming my icky blog into your ample bosoms, and making me feel like a writer who has something to say.

I woke up this morning to “discover” (it has been predicted in almost every quarter for two weeks) that the next UK General Election will be called today when The Prime Minister will ask Her Majesty The Queen for Parliament to be dissolved. This means we are looking at a May 6th election and four weeks of campaigning lies ahead.

I don’t normally get too excited about elections until Election Day itself, when I normally find myself staying up rather late to watch the counts come in and the winners being announced. This time, though, I think it’s going to be a belter. The United Kingdom is in just the right shape for a G.E. in my opinion; we have a PM with his back against the wall but who is stubborn and plays a strong game, a Labour Party that looks as though it might be losing the plot somewhat, and a young upstart who is the total opposite to Brown in every way and has dragged his Conservative Party up by the scruff of the neck and are doing pretty well in the polls considering recent years.

We also have the Liberal Democrats who stand their best chance every in gaining some decent seats if they play their cards right, and we have the Scottish Nationalists who will try to come in from the side and change agendas and influence the U.K. outcome without ever leaving Scotland.

What with all this and the promise of live televised debates, it promises to be an interesting four weeks. I, of course, will make comment as and when.

My prediction come May? I think we will have a new Prime Minister in David Cameron and the Tories will once again be the majority political party in Westminster.

Until tomorrow, peace and out!

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3 Responses to A Big Thanks

  1. the UK has an actual multi-party system, unlike the US, where we’re stuck with two parties, the “Me First, Go Die” Republicans and the “Whaa? Who?” Disorganized Democrats. I much prefer your system. Wish we could dissolved Congress on a regular basis!

  2. Diane says:

    This dear reader has given you an award. 🙂

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