Bad Apples In The BBC Barrel

Bad Apples In the BBC Barrel
Image: BBC

Sitting with Dan Walker on yesterday’s Football Focus was Scotland Football Team Manager, Craig Levein. When asked about his memories of the 1978 World Cup in Argentina, he recalled how Scotland, as the only British representatives in the tournament that year, went there convinced they were going to win the cup. Mark Lawrenson, who is as pathetic an excuse for a journalist/presenter that you will ever find, filled the air with a derisory laugh and smug grin.

Can someone remind that wee shite that England are convinced they are going to win each and every World Cup they play in, yet have FAILED to do so in the past 44 years? Every year we hear it: “This time it could be different”; “we’ve a real chance this time”; “there’s nobody that can match us on paper”.

The BBC should sort themselves out. If they continue to pride themselves on unbiased and objective reporting they should sack twats like Lawrenson, who seem to do nothing but disgrace themselves, the country they claim to support and the BBC.

Don’t mistake my complaint here, when Scotland aren’t playing I want England to win and I’ll be hoping they win the World Cup later this year, but enough of self-assuring patronisation from presenters like Lawrenson. It made the others in the studio look positively embarrassed to be there.

Television is really poor these days, particularly at weekends as I rediscovered yesterday. Some of the the trash that gets produced is an insult to the British public and a total waste of money and time. With programmes like Over the Rainbow (yet another popularity contest for singers) it’s no wonder there’s a drug problem in this country.

Gail and me ended up having a “warm discussion” about the whole thing, my point of view surrounding the futility of shows like Over the Rainbow. They’re oppressive to real talent, popularity contests that prevent any real amount of talent getting through and promote the winning is all that matters ethos. We, the viewers, are swamped with shows of this nature week after week—is there no investment that can be made in decent programming? It all started with Big Brother and got worse with that God-awful show, The X-Factor. Is it any wonder I listen to the radio more than anything other medium these days?

Gail was on the side of the fence that shows like that allows young singers and dancers, some of whom have spent years on the small stage, getting the big break they deserve in the business. Plus she likes all that stuff. We agreed to disagree—eventually.

I cleaned the house top to bottom yesterday while Gail was out. Cathartic it turned out to be, but it took me most of the day and I was gagging to get back to the page, although I took a few breaks to stop and read my book.

After a fantastic fresh salmon dinner, I took my netbook into the lounge for the evening and worked alongside Gail who was editing her latest batch of wedding photographs. I spent the whole evening there and made my way through several chapters of GREENER. It will be done by close of today but it will still need another pass. I think this book has had the most read-throughs, but that’s because I’m learning—I’ll never send another manuscript out too early again.

I had to laugh at one point when Gail revealed she had been removing a tiny pink spot from a Groom’s head in all the photographs, but by the time she got to the evening shots the spot had grown full red with a white-head on its tip.

The best news of the day was the one-nil victory by St. Mirren over Kilmarnock. Three valuable points in the fight to stave off relegation, and with Falkirk getting beat, too, it means we’re only won win away from being safe. That said, the next game is AT Falkirk next weekend—do or die, lads!

Ave a great Saturday. Peace and out!

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1 Response to Bad Apples In The BBC Barrel

  1. JoJo says:

    The most irritating part is that the hideously ugly Lawro is actually supposed to be Irish.

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