Salmond Flounders On The Sand

Salmond Flounders On The Sand
Image: BBC

There was a sleepover in my house on Saturday night so yesterday morning, despite the rain, I left the house relatively early to gain respite from teenage girls who wear far too much make-up and think wearing scarves 24-hours a day is a good idea.

Half way up Leith Walk I remembered that Hibernian was due to play Rangers later in the day. If Rangers won they would win the league and memories of the last time it happened in Leith weren’t pleasant. Such is the way with the Old Firm, they spread their bile wherever they go with a blatant disregard for anyone else in the vicinity, as if the only thing that matters in life is football. To them, it probably is, which doesn’t say much.

As it turned out they did win they league and they are the Scottish champions for the second year running.

My Tweets on the subject sparked some debate with a friend of mine, the Rangers supporting @kiloeightone. I am of the opinion that the Old Firm is more racked with bigots than any other focal point in the country; his is the opposite. We’re long time buddies but it shows the heat of such subject matter in this country.

Anyway, I bought an Observer and took it to what I have gradually come to class as my regular coffee shop. This is the second time I’ve been stuck for a decent place, my first closing down a few years ago and then Great Grog closing down late last year. It was a great place, perfect for all I looked for in that kind of place. This new place plays nice music and the mostly American staff are all friendly enough, but it’s missing a little touch of je ne sais quoi.

Back home I rattled through a lot of GREENER, cleaning and polishing and editing, so that this run-through is almost done. I will give it one more polish—next week probably—because there are certain things I have noticed with the descriptions that I want to concentrate on solely, so will dedicate a final draft to searching them out.

I saw that the SNP are leading a legal challenge over the BBC’s refusal to include them in the first Leaders’ Debate. Alex Salmon was on the Andrew Marr Show bleating on about how fair he and his party had been over the issue, and how they wanted to ensure the debate was broadcast in Scotland “with the nation’s political make-up fairly reflected”.

What Salmon seems to forget is that this is a UK election and not a Scottish one. I don’t seem to remember any frank and open TV debates happening in the run up to the narrow win that took them through the fiasco of the Scottish “Government” elections a couple of years ago, and while Salmon feels left out, that’s probably because many of the real issues that affect Scots today aren’t controlled by the white elephant that sits at the bottom of Holyrood in Edinburgh. Further, while the SNP can still vote on matters in Westminster on issues that only affect England and Wales, he really doesn’t have much of a platform from which to base his complaint.

The possibility that Scots could end up having a black-out on Thursday and not be able to see the final Leaders’ Debate could very easily backfire on him and his fragile government, sorry, glorified Council. Salmond built his house on sand and now he’s wondering why everything is sinking.

Have a great Monday. Peace and out!

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