One Day To Go

One Day To Go
Image: Robert Young

I don’t have a lot of time this morning so this will have to be a quick post, I’m afraid. I’m heading up to Perth for lunchtime to see my sister’s family and I’ve got to run an emergency errand first. Time is tight!

With only one day left of campaigning all the political leaders are getting themselves into a frenzy. It’s becoming amusing to watch, all the debating, twists, press leaks and so forth. Someone asked me last night why I was suddenly so into politics. I’m not, it’s just that this general election campaign has been really interesting, and for once it has been more what it should be like.

Tomorrow night I’ll stay up late to watch the results coming in, and watch as the story unfolds and the political map of the country changes. It’s fascinating to see it all unfold and the result will be requiring of much analysis no matter what happens.

I ended up playing doctor to a sick wee girl yesterday so I didn’t get much of what I’d planned to do during the day. I did manage to make a healthy start on GATECRASH, though, and was surprised to read how good the first chapters were. A sign, perhaps, of my writing developing even two years ago when it was first penned. I seem to remember that not lasting, though, but it’s good to be making progress through these manuscripts.

In the evening I went to “my” writer’s group in the Old Town. I’ve not for over a year so I’d kind of lost touch with all that’s going on, although I do still get all the emails. The result of this was I got the dates all wrong. The group has grown so large it’s been split: odd weeks are still for writing, even weeks for reading. This was the reader’s group.

There was one familiar face I recognised and felt right at home again. We read and talked from books by Rich Hall, Alan Bissett and another I forget. It was good to touch base again and I will make the effort to get there more often.

As I said, I’m getting a train up to Perth so I have to be off. The sun is out and my wee niece is waiting to see me.

Have a great day. Peace and out!

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1 Response to One Day To Go

  1. Lara says:

    Hope Laura is feeling better!

    It’s always fun to watch Election craziness. Unless you get emotionally involved. Then it’s not so bueno. Can you say C-O-N-T-E-N-T-I-O-N???

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