The Diners Do The ‘Dam

The Diners Do The 'Dam
Image: Me

I’ve been gone a few days. If you were following me on Twitter you’ll already know I was on a wee trip to Amsterdam with the lads, soaking up all the bevy and sunshine we could permit ourselves the luxury of enjoying.

It was a great few days but as is always the case nobody really believes us when we come back with lame and boring stories. We spent most our time in bars—some familiar and some new—using the time to catch up, reminisce, slag each other off to the point other people would think a fight was about to break out at any moment, and generally being a bunch of twats for a few days.

Apparently there are naked girls in the windows but I never noticed as I was far too busy regaling stories of a literary nature to anyone sad enough to listen.

There’s some pics at the end of this post if you’re interested, which I know some of you are.

Some important writing catch-up news: I’ve had a couple of rejections and an acceptance in. The rejections I was disappointed with as they were well chosen but I’ll get them back out asap. The acceptance is for a poem I wrote for my sister’s wedding in July 2005 called Love Is… . It will be published by Anchor Books in a new anthology due out at the end of July.

Some important general catch-up news: Last week after my final blog post the UK now has a prime minister. It all happened on the evening I was working late so I missed all the drama unfold, but the coalition was agreed between the Tories and the Lib Dems, Brown was out and Cameron was in.

Britain now moves into a fascinating period of politics with the first coalition government in 40 years. Some say it will collapse by the end of the year, others that it is just what is needed to move forward. Whatever way you view it, though, it’s an interesting time and how it will affect Scotland is hard to judge. I think the SNP are now on a shaky wicket if this is the way the country has shifted in its politics. Shame.

What definitely was a crying shame was the sacking of Gus MacPherson as the St Mirren manager three days after the end of the season. I was very sad to see him go; he took us into the SPL, kept us there, got us to a Scottish Cup semi final and a League Cup final, and he did it all on a shoe string budget. He’ll be missed and I’m interested to see who the board get to replace him.

Have a great Tuesday. Peace and out!

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