The Dangermen Six Year Anniversary

The Dangermen Six Year Anniversary
Image: Me

Yesterday day was a day of getting things done: interview completed, worked on GATECRASH, printed off GREENER manuscript ready for editing and had a pizza and DVD night with my daughter in the evening. I’m pleased with my progress with everything as I sail towards the end of my writing year, I’m hoping when I come to tally up my work accomplishments to my GDRs it will make pleasant reading.

As I write this, however, I am sitting in my home office looking out at the bluest sky across Edinburgh in many a month. It is already 23 degrees (73F) outside and I shall shortly be stripping off and heading out into the garden for a day of outside things. It is roasting out there!

I’m just back from a jaunt up town; the streets are full, anywhere that grass has grown is covered by half naked people sunbathing and chilling, and Edinburgh’s famous Sunshine Girls are out in force. It really is a sight to behold!

The weather reminds me very much of a great day in my own personal history. Six years ago this very day I flew to London with my mate, Wee Stoo, hooking up with a bunch of like-minded people along the way. Our destination was Camden Town in London, the venue was the Dublin Castle pub. Our reason was simple: to witness Madness returning to the small back room stage they played their first ever gigs on 25 years earlier.

The full story of this immense day can be read here in its original format, written in the rawest possible form while still high on emotion. Not only did we meet the band but we drank with them in the afternoon, met up with their producer, the legendary Clive Langer, and had what ranks in the top memories of my life.

What it actually meant is hard to put into words. It was the culmination of decades in love with a band whose music changed my life forever. Imagine being one of the chosen few who got to see the original line-up of The Beatles as they made their return to Liverpool’s Cavern Club—it was that kind of a big deal. It was such an indescribably emotional and fun day to be simple be alive.

For your enjoyment, I’ve uploaded the pictures from that day six years ago. For some reason it shows the pics in reverse order so if you want the story told as it was open the slideshow and watch in a new browser window.

Have a great weekend folks—peace and out!

The Scruffy Dog Review – SPRING ISSUE OUT NOW!!

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