Camels In Princes Street

Camels In Princes Street
Image: Yes China Tour

It was a scorching weekend—Scotland’s summer came early this year and now we (us Scots) are all heading back to work sporting skin all shades of pink and red the spectrum has to offer. Yes, we know how to handle the sun.

Saturday saw me up town in the morning to enjoy a nice long walk, scout around some shops and take a long stop-off for coffee. The town was so hot, though, I headed back home for lunch somewhat earlier than normal. And when I say hot I mean it; Scotland spent the weekend scorching under the sun and enjoying mid-70s temperatures, I swear I saw a camel walking along Prince Street at one point.

The rest of Saturday was a day of list ticking for me, mainly things I told my wife I would be doing before she got back from her Hen weekend jaunt to London. Most of that involved house cleaning but I did it in record time so I could enjoy the sun in the garden with beer, a book and the paper.

In the evening I watched a lovely film with my daughter, August Rush. It’s about a young boy conceived by musically gifted parents, neither of whom knew he existed after he was given away without the mother knowing. They found each other through their music (the boy was a musical prodigy) and it was one of those surprise feel-good films. My daughter loved it—rarely have I seen her so engrossed and emotionally involved in a film, it was almost as much fun watching her reactions to the scenes as it was to watch the film itself.

Into Sunday and the weather was the same—only hotter. This was good news for us garden workers (the time had come to get the mower and trowel out) but not so good for the thousands running the Edinburgh marathon. I can only imagine the hell that must have been, and I know for a fact the volunteers of the St Andrews Ambulance service had to work overtime against a massive onslaught of heat exhaustion mounting up to over 130 casualties.

The garden took way longer than I intended. I shouldn’t really have left it so long before getting stuck in this year, and as a result I was faced with a mini-jungle consisting of several 4-foot high nettle stalks. Not fun. Eventually I got through it, though, but had run out of energy to do around the front of the house. That will be tonight’s task; weeds are currently sprouting out of every crack in the paving.

In the evening after dinner in the newly pristine garden and a cool, relaxing shower, I watched a superb film with Simon Pegg and David Schwimmer: The Big Nothing It was hilarious, unbelievable and totally fun to watch.

I’ve an interesting week coming up. There’s the usual business at work but the way things are panning out I should be able to get some solid writing time chalked up in the evenings. I’ve got an album launch on Friday night at the Usher Hall (I’m still pitching it to editors), which I’m covering in my freelance capacity and promises to be a lot of fun. And if things stay the way they are, I can work on my fabulous tan as I do the lot!

Peace and out!

The Scruffy Dog Review – SPRING ISSUE OUT NOW!!

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