The End Is Nigh

The End Is Nigh
Image: Chemical Recovery

So, Gary Coleman has died at the age of 42, the end to an existence that by all accounts wasn’t the easiest. His life seemed to me to be one of a bi-polar existence; a child genius who could crack up the nation with a single line (you know the one), who road the crest of a massive wave before crashing into the rocks and ending up ridiculed by all.

He had his problems but he also had a family and that should be remembered. I won’t go so far as to say I’ll miss him—I’d almost forgot about him until Madonna adopted that kid!—but I’m sad to hear the direction his life went, and ultimately, how it ended.

Following that was the news that Dennis Hopper also died, aged 74. I thought he was a great actor; Hollywood has lost a legend in that one.

I can’t help feeling a twinge of sadness over David Laws resignation after admitting claiming expenses to pay rent to his partner. No, I don’t condone any unethical claiming of expenses from the public purse by MPs but there does seem to be an element of misunderstanding in the midst of a human factor, as opposed to any real desire to rip people off.

David Laws is an intelligent man with high integrity who appears has been driven into this error by the desire to keep his sexuality private. It seems a shame that he felt he had to resign on this basis after such a short time in Government, and one hopes he will not be about of the Cabinet for long because the country needs people like him. One need only read David Cameron’s letter in response to know how highly thought of he is.

The most tragic thing about the whole situation is that the UK has lost a politician from the Cabinet who was fair, decent and balanced, fell foul of the new rules governing expenses not the old ones (he could have claimed far more had he not been so driven to keep his homosexuality a secret), and ultimately felt he had to resign because he didn’t want to be outed in a public manner. It’s a pretty sad affair.

In the end I never went into town yesterday morning. I changed my routine to get all my tasks out of the way early on but by the time I’d finished it was almost time for lunch. A quick snack of cheese on toast and a cup of Tetley’s finest and I was back into action finishing up last weeks gardening work, this time, out the front of the house.

Work on GATECRASH continued alongside sorting out issue 11 of the Ranfurly Review due out next week. I found myself resentful at having to give up writing time to work on it just to get it ready. I wonder if this project is reaching a crossroads.

We had my FIL arond for dinner last night. He’s lonely with his wife on holiday with her sisters in Tunisia. It meant a roast dinner so one cannot complain.

The news channels are reporting the UKs latest disappointment in the Eurovision Song Contest last night, our entry coming last and provoking comment and analysis from “experts”, all loving being on the telly so we peasants can hear their opinion on the complicated matter that caused it.

Absolute rubbish. Here it is in a nutshell: forget about Balkan voting tactics, the UK tried to win the competition with a bland 1980s sounding song written by Stock, Aitken and Waterman, the three originals responsible for the death of the UK music industry. And we should be surprised it came last? It’s a sign that even the Europhiles recognise that this kind of over-produced, faceless and plastic act is nothing but trash. SAW, Simon Fuller and Cowell should all hang for what they’ve done not be given awards.

I’ve said my bit. Have a happy Sunday.

Peace and out!

The Scruffy Dog Review – SPRING ISSUE OUT NOW!!

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