Bank Holiday Madness

Bank Holiday Madness
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I had a lovely morning in Edinburgh yesterday. I arrived in town about 9:15am to find the streets deserted. Walking alone through Edinburgh when it’s like that is a real pleasure, and by the time I’d been for a coffee and read of the paper it seemed the only other people on the streets were tourists. It made me think what a great place this city must be to come and visit if you didn’t know it as well as I do. I became somewhat jealous and it made me realise why I write about this place so much.

Thinking about it, much of my fiction has found its way onto the streets of Edinburgh over the years: HUNTING JACK, SLICK, BACCARA BURNING and of course, FRINGE FANTASTIC, my book of poetry about the Fringe Festival topping off an impressive list. I have one more book solely about Edinburgh in the offing, another chapbook of poetry I’ve written but have yet to assemble. I feel I should write more about Glasgow or even Paisley, but Edinburgh is on my doorstep and so rich in inspiration it’s hard to avoid it.

By the time I got back to Leith it had begun to rain but that didn’t bother me. I like the rain, always have, I find it cathartic.

A quick lunch of egg sandwich and coffee using my new coffee bean cruncher for the first time in ages—I bought some beans earlier in the day—then down to work on GATECRASH. Working through the manuscript I’ve become aware how very short some of the chapters are, and when I say short I mean short. Some ore only a couple of pages long. The story moves at a tremendously fast pace, too fast at times, and I vaguely remember trying to complete the story as opposed to the word count when this was first written during 2008’s NaNoWriMo.

The first draft of GATECRASH came in at around 65,000 words but I’ve done a lot of cutting and chopping already and now I’m down to 62k. It does, however, have marks all over it where it needs to be expanded so I’m not sure what the final count will eventually come to—maybe around 80 or 90 thousand.

I’m tempted to go to work on GREENER simultaneously but so far I’ve resisted. My heart wants me to finish it and get it out there but I need to learn take my own (and others) advice seriously and leave it well alone for a while to let it rest. When I come back to it will be more fresh and easier to see where it needs those final polishes. Patience with manuscripts is something I’ve always struggled with.

To today then and although it is a bank holiday for most I shall be in the office as usual. My company doesn’t celebrate such events and so I’m sure I’ll be insanely jealous looking out the window at sun-soaked Edinburgh from the office. No doubt it will all worsen when I start getting texts from my sister sun bathing in a Glasgow park with a book later on. *sigh*

Later it will be back to GATECRASH and I have to wrap up my GDR for May. I also have to prepare and cast my newsletter for next month and put together next months plan of action. I think I also have to make a decision about the future of the Ranfurly Review; it’s all getting a bit too much.

Have a great bank holiday. Peace and out!

The Scruffy Dog Review – SPRING ISSUE OUT NOW!!

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