Always The Innocents

Always The Innocents
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A bad day in Cumbria. 12 people dead and 25 injured by a coward who went on the rampage with a gun. As soon as I heard something was happening, and at the point only 3 were dead, my mind shot back to 1996 and the Dunblane massacre.

Who’ll ever forget that day? It was a day when everyone hoped the pain that was dealt out would never be repeated. If ever there was a reason to ban all handguns this is it.

Nobody has the right to own a gun for any reason because when one innocent suffers it’s already gone too far. When it’s dozens of families it’s time to take stock. Those affected started yesterday like any other normal day until Derrick Bird decided to change their lives forever. Who gave him the right? Who gave him the right to take the cowardly way out? I’m disgusted he won’t face justice. Death was too good for him.

Can you believe this? An investigation is underway after Stevie Starr appeared on the Britain’s Got Talent (sic) TV programme after viewers complained about his act. He famously swallowed, amongst other things, a light bulb, key and padlock and a billiard ball. Apparently they were concerned that it would encourage children to try dangerous behaviour.

Of course people should be warned and children advised, but come on! What people have forgotten (and this is my point) is that the guy in question has been doing it for about 30 years. I remembered his act from when I was a child but back then he was on national TV and a bit of a hero. Everyone was talking about this amazing guy who could swallow things then regurgitate them at will. Only back then I witnessed him live goldfish and razor blades but it didn’t make me run out and start drinking the contents of the fish tank or swallowing the contents of my Dad’s shaving bag. It’s funny how in today’s nonsensical P.C. society how these things are suddenly a hazard.

A couple of thanks: Thanks Diane for the link to The Grave Tattoo review. I’ve saved it and will hold onto it until I’ve read the book. And thanks, also, to Devon for your ideas concerning submission-to-market management. I’m going to work through the (extensive) list of markets I’ve built up and start splitting them into priorities. Once you’d mentioned it, I realised there are several markets I keep returning to time and again so I’ll stick those at the top of my pile.

The winner of the signed copy of my new book, SILLY POEMS FOR WEE PEOPLE VOL.2 was Stevie Ward. The competition was only open to subscribers of my monthly newsletter, The Patter, so if you missed it you can subscribe here as well as read the latest issue. Well done Stevie, the book is on its way.

I know I said I was thinking about putting RR into hiatus but I’m having second thoughts already. Yes, it takes up a lot of time but last night while sorting out issue 10, I realised that maybe if I streamlined the process and worked in advance by two or three issues I would take the pressure off myself and be able to continue doing something I enjoy. I shall sleep on it another couple of nights.

Meanwhile issues 10 (and 11) are coming on nicely. I had to work some Day Job overtime so that was all I managed to get through last night on the writing scene.

To today then and the sun is out with an exciting weekend approaching in earnest. I’m feeling good about everything just now, which is odd because I’ve manage to hold this feeling for a good couple of months now. Viva la life.

Peace out!

The Scruffy Dog Review – SPRING ISSUE OUT NOW!!

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1 Response to Always The Innocents

  1. And yet, over here, we have the ignorant and corrupt stockpiling guns at home, saying it’s a “right” and wearing them to protests. The only reason one owns a gun in this day and age, unless one lives in the wilderness and hunts for one’s own food is to kill PEOPLE, and that life or death decision over someone else is not one’s right to make.

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