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A most enjoyable and somewhat extended Sunday morning in Edinburgh yesterday, complete with a call out from my work while I was on the bus heading into town. It was a call to discuss a situation, which meant I had to log on later in the afternoon and take care of some work, but it was no big shakes and it all worked out well in the end.

I popped into Curry’s while on walkabout and bought a couple of necessities, stopping outside the store to watch the first stanchion to hold the overhead tram cables being put into place by a massive crane. On first glance it’s going to look ridiculously unsightly as it runs the length of Princes Street, but hey, that’s progress for you!

I bought a paper and headed into Costa in the Waverley Centre to down a large cappuccino for an hour, before heading back and stopping into Gail’s studio to admire the new door being put into place. I’ll be down helping to paint the interior later tonight; further progress of a rather more exciting nature than trams, let me tell you.

Back home and after lunch I gave my office a quick tidy and it was back to work. I decided to kick things off with the more technical side of things: the photography website updates. I’d been trying to solve the small matter of a layout problem in the coding by changing things around, but then it hit me I should try introducing new code. I did and it worked. There are still some design flaws, which I need to talk to Gail about, but ultimately I think it’s going to take me less time to complete than first envisaged.

I also set about inserting my list of submissions into Sonar3—there are only half a dozen so that didn’t take me long! At the moment my list is alphabetical, which is no good at all because some of my markets, although all in the same class, are still more preferable than others. Things like response times, if they’ve previously liked my work or if I simply like the kind of work they publish, all of these things boost a magazines profile and desirability in my mind. I’m going to order them as such in each section so my favourites go first.

I made a curry for dinner. My family don’t like them hot and spicy so it had to be a bland korma with basmati rice and naan bread. After serving up their plates I added a dash of Scotch Bonnet into the pan, gave it a good stir and served my own plate. Roasty toasty!!

The evening didn’t go quite as planned so no work got done but I did manage to get some time on GATECRASH later on in the evening. I feel like I need to get my submissions back out urgently first, though. Now I’m organised on that front I feel like I have this irritable itch all the time until I do. I just want to get everything moving again!

All in all, though, it was a very productive and relaxing weekend where it needed to be. Today will be busy again (I’m painting tonight) then tomorrow I’m off to see Supergrass at the Glasgow Barrowlands. It’s the fairwell tour and by all accounts it promises to be a cracking show.

Until tomorrow—peace out!

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