Leith Gala Day A Success

Leith Gala Day A Success
Image: Me

I predicted yesterday would be hectic and so it proved. By the time last night came I was exhausted, sore and burnt (see picture to left). However, it was a great day being out and about, the Leith Gala was a success, for the organisation as well as for my wife, and all of the hard work proved to be fully worthwhile.

The day started at the back of 7am loading up the van with the show tent and getting all of Gail’s gear into her car. We headed down to Leith Links and found or pitch and began the process of unpacking the tent. I had previously advised we watch the website video so we would have an idea how to erect it but because we ran out of time it took us almost 50 minutes standing around scratching our heads before we figured it out. After that it only took around half an hour.

Tent up and it was time to kit it out. We attached some plywood to the back to display the frames and canvasses and then laid out the tables with the wedding display albums and block art. By the time we’d finished I was already feeling the sun but the display looked great. Here’s my wife, Gail, standing proudly outside her show tent.

Gail Galbraith Photography at the 2010 Leith Gala Day

An hour or two later and my talents were required elsewhere so I headed off to change into my painting clothes and headed off to Gail’s new studio to give the walls another coat while my FIL saw to fitting the door furniture. That tasks took me the rest of the afternoon and by the time we headed back to the Links things had got much busier to when we had left it.

The crowds arrived to the Links along with the annual parade that had marched through the town and the place was mobbed. As well as the pitched areas that contained all kinds of arts, crafts and local advertising and political messages, there were several bands playing at different spots and a large crowd had gathered on the small hill to relax under the sun and enjoy the booming reggae.

Most of the tents were coming down around half past four and most people had drifted away from that area so we began the process of packing up. Gail made a tidy profit on her block art—which I’ve advised her she should see online, too—but she also gained a lot of interest in her portrait shoot offer and wedding interest for next year.

If you are interested, Gail is offering portrait shoots for £25 (knocked down from £40) if you book before 31st August 2010 and you use the word “Leith” in your query. For that you get a 1 hour session in her new studio just in Leith, 1 free 8×6 print, an online gallery to show off to friends and family that they can also purchase direct from and all images from the shoot on a free low-resolution CD. (Subject to max of 4 people per session; each additional person is £5 each). You can contact Gail on gail@gailgalbraith.co.uk and her website is at: www.gailgalbraith.co.uk

By the time all that was over I was shattered. A long shower followed by healthy doses of after sun cream was administered, followed by a fish supper and Irn-Bru that I devoured while watching the England versus USA World Cup match on the telly.

Today has been much more relaxed so far. I offered my services down at the studio but it’s all electrical work that’s going on so there’s nothing I can do for now. That’s freed the rest of my day up to write.

So, for me just now, it’s back to the page. Peace out!

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1 Response to Leith Gala Day A Success

  1. The tent looks great. Sounds like her business is starting out very well!

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