On The Slide

On The Slide
Image: Donald MacLeod

Long day yesterday, which by the end of it I’d to deteriorated into fatigue induced sickness. Nothing serious, mind you, just that I felt sicker the more the day the wore on until I had to admit defeat and collapse into my bed by 9.30pm. Not like me, but hey-ho.

The day job dragged but only because it was a Friday and the sun was shining. Then to my absolute delight the boss, in a rare display of anarchy, decided to take the team to the pub for lunch. We headed to Clark’s and sank a couple of gloriously cool and fresh lagers before returning to the office in the knowledge the afternoon really was going to drag now—it was unavoidable after that.

After work, there was nothing for it but to head back to Clark’s and continue where I left off, which is when I started to lag, talk less, and long for some food and then sleep. Sleep, sleep, sleep. I watched the first half of the England versus Algeria World Cup match—enough to knock anyone out through boredom—then jumped into a cab and headed home for some cheese on toast.

I felt like shit after I munched that lot down and crashed out. I never woke until 10am this morning. Something tells me I needed it like a Sloth needs a wide branch.

Today won’t see much writing, I’m afraid. My parents arrive tomorrow and so there is much to do around the house to get it respectable again.

My hard copy of the Edinburgh Book Festival programme arrived so I’ll be able to start filtering through it and decided what events I want to attend this year. I don’t think there will be as many author events so I might take a closer look at the workshops again and see if they’ve revamped then enough to be worth going.

There’s a special offer running on my books at the moment. If you head over to my website (or the BOOKS page on this blog) and purchase any of them, when you are directed to Lulu simply enter the code FREEGROUND305 to get free ground shipping up to the value of £25. Offer ends 30th June.

STELLA is also available now to purchase from Kindle. Click here to buy a copy priced $5.29.

Gail Galbraith Photography is offering portrait shoots for £25 (knocked down from £40) if you book before 31st August 2010 and you use the word “Leith” in your query. For that you get a 1 hour session in her new studio in Leith, 1 free 8×6 print, an online gallery to show off to friends and family and where images can be purchase direct from, and all images from the shoot on a free low-resolution CD. (Subject to max of 4 people per session; each additional person is £5 each). You can contact Gail at gail@gailgalbraith.co.uk and view her website at: www.gailgalbraith.co.uk

That’s all for me just now. Peace out!

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2 Responses to On The Slide

  1. Diane says:

    It seems you may have picked up a virus, love. (Soz, catching up …) Hope this lethargy has gone by now. (Might find out when I keep reading.)

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