All Work And No Play And All That Jazz

All Work And No Play And All That Jazz
Image: Spice London

Yesterday was a blast. I spent some of the morning up in town doing some shopping for my parent’s visit later in the day, which naturally included a stop off in the coffee shop and a read of the paper. When I got home I sat in the sunny paradise of my back garden for the rest of the morning and read a book. It was bliss.

My parent’s arrived around lunchtime and we spent most of our time sitting it in the garden soaking up the sun, alcohol and some wide ranging chit chat. I’d spent the whole of Saturday getting the house cleaned up and tidy for their arrival only to spend most of the time sitting in the garden—go figure, eh?

Later, we enjoyed a wholesome roast beef dinner (cooked on my Dad’s request—kind of) and followed that up with fresh coffee and a choice of lime cheesecake or trifle. Lovely jubbly. I was totally stuffed and am still struggling to walk if the truth be told.

We got really lucky with the weather over the weekend. It was great being able to enjoy the garden for the day but it made the house cleaning on Saturday a bit of a droll affair. There was much panting and sweating as I worked the rooms. The house needed it, though, and having it look so clean is quite satisfying now it’s all done.

Yesterday was Father’s Day here in the UK. My daughter gave me a crime novel by a new writer she’s found for me along with a massive block of Galaxy chocolate. I’ll enjoy that over a film some night. To my own dad I gave a vocal card of a cheeky monkey, and I had planned to take him out to the aquarium centre in Tranent so he could select my new stock of tropical fish, but after he’d had a couple of beers he was too tired to go. Another time.

Despite using Factor 30 lotion all day yesterday, I’ve still managed to get burnt. Not my head this time, it was protected by a cap, but I have a large V shape on my neck and chest where my shirt was lying open. Against my blue work shirt it makes for quite a patriotic display of British colours.

I hardly spent any time on the internet over the whole weekend until last night. It felt good to be away from it for a few hours and not feel bothered about email checking or anything like that. There’s a certain freedom to be gained from gong into my workspace and closing the door, but equally, after a while, there’s a certain amount of freedom also to be gained from closing the door and not entering.

And so another new week is here. Yesterday was good for me because I got to spend time with my folks as well as my own family. I think Gail badly needed the rest, too, and soaking up the sun and wine in the garden on a sunny is the perfect tonic for recharging the batteries. All work and no play and all that jazz.

I am having a good month with my workload—my GDRs are turning over nicely—and I intend to have met another two, maybe three monthly goals by the end of the week. GDRs, for those of you who have been reading this blog unaware of the acronym, stands for Goals, Dreams and Resolutions. It’s an expanded form of the traditional New Year’s resolution list with the aim of providing consistent targets and desires within your working life, in my case writing, which can also be used as motivation and for looking to see how far you’ve come. It was designed by Devon Ellington and I recommend it to loads of people. I recommend it to you.

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That’s all for me just now. Peace out!

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2 Responses to All Work And No Play And All That Jazz

  1. The only sunscreen that ever prevents me from getting completely broiled is Neutrogena’s. I don’t know if they sell Neutrogena products in the UK, but the sunscreen is excellent.

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