Missing Scottish Weather

Missing Scottish Weather
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Bit of a slow day yesterday. It’s become so sticky and muggy over the past couple of days that commuting has become a misery (I’m sweating way too much) and sleeping is almost impossible (like lying in a pool of water). It’s so bad I actually yearn for the air conditioned office where my day job is carried out.

I need rain and lots of it. And I need the wind to blow it in my face; traditional Scottish summer weather that refreshes the soul and blows away all this icky wicky sticky sweaty nonsense. The trouble is this weekend is set to be another scorcher, with temperatures getting as high as 27 in Scotland (32 in the south east!) so I’d better not put that bottle of sun tan lotion away just yet. Not if I’m going to get that garden sorted without burning my napper again.

I write up my application for the UNESCO Story Shop programme at this year’s Edinburgh Book Festival but couldn’t send it in. I found myself tweaking the story slightly as I gave it another read-through, and with changes made I wanted to sit on them for one more night. Today it goes off otherwise I’ll be like this every night.

Later today on BBC Radio 4 you can hear a programme called Flash!. Over the course of the week, 16 flash fiction stories written by Tania Hershman are being read out in a celebration of this burgeoning art form.

I came to know Tania through her fabulous submissions to the Ranfurly Review, one of which is being read today; At Camden Town He Said He Loved Me is a fantastic piece of work and that’s why I’m thrill to boast I spotted it first! It was published in issue 3 of our humble magazine, which you can download for free and read here. Flash! is on from 3.30pm to 3.45pm.

Not much else to report so have a great day.

Pace e fuori!

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3 Responses to Missing Scottish Weather

  1. Give it one more going-over and get it out. Otherwise, you’ll over-tweak and start making it weaker.

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