Rooney Dropped By HarperCollins

Rooney Dropped By HarperCollins
Image: BBC Online

This week seems to be dragging in no matter how busy I am. One would think if I am extra busy then the week will fly past extra quick. But no, it just plods along lifting its head every now and then to see how far it’s got.

I’m taking part both as a competitor and as a sponsor in the upcoming Poetry Superhighway Poetry Competition. I’m offering up 1 signed copy of FRINGE FANTASTIC but also in my role as an editor, I’m pleased to say the Ranfurly Review will once again be offering a showcase interview with one of the competing poets. Click here for the  full list of sponsors.

Back to work on GREENER IS THE GRASS after the day job – a few good solid hours into the evening. mentioned Wayne Rooney’s staggering £5m deal with HarperCollins in 2006, to produce five volumes of autobiography over the course of his career (his agent said it would be “like the Star Wars series”). One of the tomes was to be a diary of the England lads’ glorious 2010 World Cup campaign in South Africa. However, with Rooney currently sunbathing in Barbados without a single goal to his name, the book has been quietly shelved. Full story at The Independent.

The Huffington Post had a fascinating article on the top 11 most surprising books ever banned. I read it over lunch yesterday and was surprised both by the number of children’s books and the appearance of the poor old dictionary among them.

Peace and out!

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