I Fancy Holland

I Fancy Holland
Image: Jan Ramroth

I found myself on the bus going through Edinburgh at the unfeasibly early time of 6:30am yesterday morning. I was to spend the day working in an unfamiliar building on the other side of Edinburgh and it was one of my longest working spells in many a day. 12 hours without a lunch meant by the time I got back on the bus at the west end I was already half asleep.

I got home and lay down for an hour, my thumping headache worsening by the minute. When I got up Gail had left me some fresh pasta and chicken to heat up for dinner, which I wolfed down with a pint of water and a Neurofen.

Feeling better but without enough spunk in me to write, I decided to read instead. I finished the Work anthology I won from The Scotsman and carried on with McDermid’s tale set in the Lakes. Devon gave me some great tips for books to consider while I’m on holiday (thanks!) so I checked them out online and they’re available in the UK. I’ll be passing the bookshop tomorrow morning so will check them out even closer. I want to take around 5 novels to Portugal with me. If any more are needed I’ll go searching while I’m there.

I’ve picked out some new writing competitions I want to enter, which will also give me prompts to write while I’m away. A couple are flash fiction, one slightly longer and one a themed poetry competition that is being run locally. The prize is a performance (and money) but it’s the performance side I fancy more.

It promises to be a cracking weekend. I have loads to do with my final weekend before I go away and, of course, the Word Cup 3rd/4th Place Play Off is on Saturday with the Final between Holland and Spain on Sunday. Before the competition kicked off I tipped Holland to win it and so far I’m on course. I wish I’d put cash on them at the bookies!

I like Holland and I like the people. I remember when Gail took me to Amsterdam (the other side of Amsterdam away from lads’ weekends—the cultural side) we both came away saying we could easily live there. If I was able to write full time I wouldn’t say no if the idea ever became serious. It’s the perfect writing city; laid back or intense where it needs to be, artistically inspiring, rich in ideas and promotes an openness and frankness to life that appeals to me. Plus they have some of the best watering holes and cake shops around.

Time to be getting on. Have a great Friday.

Peace and out!

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1 Response to I Fancy Holland

  1. Diane says:

    I know Amsterdam and Haarlem quite well, it being where my head office is based. And the people are great, so laid back and not up their own backsides.

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