Solitary Refinement

Solitary Refinement
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I had a much more productive and pleasant trip up town yesterday morning. Just like the day before, I was up early but this time I took the chance of a quiet house to enjoy a slow breakfast in the garden and catch up with the latest news and my email. After enough time had passed, I woke up my daughter and took her into Edinburgh with me.

We headed out to Corstorphine and nipped into PC World; no purchases made because they never had what I wanted despite their website advertising they did. No problem, though, as I was going to Pets At Home next door to them regardless, in order to stock up on rabbit supplies. They had a couple of lovely wee critters in; two jet black mini-lops you just wanted to take away there and then.

From there we went into the nearby Tesco and bought a magazine and newspaper each then nipped into Costa Coffee for pastries and coffee/hot chocolate. Most enjoyable.

Back home I had the house all to myself for the day and took advantage of it by writing in the living room on my Netbook. It made a nice change from the confines of my office (I do enjoy having the ability to retreat and close the door) but the change of scenery was nice.

The family returned home at 6pm for dinner that I’d cooked up: home-made chicken curry with rice. They all then left me to my own devices for the night; Gail to her studio to work on yesterday’s wedding pictures, and my daughter to a sleepover. Normally I would have moaned a bit about being left alone again so soon, but with the World Cup Final between Holland and Spain on the telly, I wasn’t going to complain about an uncontested TV set with which I to watch the game undisturbed.

I’d tipped Holland to win before the competition kicked off, and as regular readers will know I quite like the Dutch, so I was behind them all the way. Unfortunately they never played like themselves and they dragged the game into a kicking match. The referee did well to keep order as long as he did and resist sending players off in favour of making it a better contest for the fans. That could last only so long, though, and after a 0-0 draw Holland lost a player in extra time, with Spain scoring a great winner near the end.

Not the most satisfying end to a month long celebration of the cream of world football but I suppose I have St. Mirren Park to look forward to next season to make up for it.

Peace and out!

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