Horrendous Day

Horrendous Day
Image: John Morgan

Horrendous pretty sums it up. A Friday that would just not let go of my ankle and saw me fighting against it for way too long than was necessary. I couldn’t even be bothered with Clark’s after work, I just wanted to sneak away and hide in a dark corner after it was all over.

Two of my Edinburgh Book Festival events have been cancelled. Fast-changing Britain on the opening day has been canned as has Tom Bingham on the 23rd. Both cancellations leave me with gaping holes in my diary between events; not the way I planned it. Also, my Tony Black and Gillian Galbraith event will be minus Black—who was the reason I was going in the first place. He’s a local crime writer and I wanted to hear him talk. Typical but never mind.

I did a lot more work on my GDR preparation through Devon’s 1 to 25. I’ve started pulling out all my highs and lows over the past 18 months to get a picture of what did actually go well and how much, and the same for the lows. It provides interesting reading.

My poem, THE FINAL NAIL, will shortly be published by Every Day Poets. They send you a new poem every day, free and from all kinds of poets, straight to your email inbox. What could be simpler so pop on over and subscribe.

STELLA is now available on the Kindle [UK] site, launched yesterday by Amazon. Get it now priced £3.39

To Saturday then and it’s my first trip up town since I went away. I have some things to pick up—ordered CDs and books—and I also want to buy a new jacket. Then the rest of my day is pretty much planned out: cleaning, tidying, gardening, writing.

I’ll see you out with the official Madness Tour Promo 2010

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1 Response to Horrendous Day

  1. I had no idea you were back. yes, Friday was an astrological hell, but we’ll not see the likes of it again for 500 years, so I think we’re safe for a bit.

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