7 Days

7 Days
Image: Kevin Dooley

The first Saturday at home since I got back from Portugal and boy, did I make this one count. I headed into Edinburgh shortly after 9am and got to work.

First stop was the book shop, where I’d ordered AMERICA LIBRE by Raul Ramos, a recommendation for my holiday reading that never came through in time. The girl that served me seemed quite excited by the fact it was she who had ordered it for me three weeks earlier.

Next stop was Fopp, where I purchased a couple of MODEST MOUSE CDs: We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank and Good News For People Who Love Bad News. I was hoping to get my hands on Baron von Bullshit Rides Again but I think that may be available electronically only after some investigation.

From there I nipped around to Next. Yes, I went clothes shopping on my own. I was on a mission, though, and I spotted a nice suit jacket to meet my needs. Just along from it was a nice leather “man bag”, i.e., a leather satchel type thing, which I can use to hold all my reading, research and writing material when I’m out and about. It’ll save me going through my clothes so fast, stretching and tearing pockets as I overload them with pencils and pads. I got a bit of a slagging for that one when I got home. But still…

Then it was time for a break. Coffee and a pastry with some light jazz and a read of the paper in my favourite little coffee shop. I’d almost forgotten the Fringe Festival had started and that it would be busier but I managed to get a table.

I decided to take a wee walk after my coffee and headed up towards Charlotte Square to check out the preparations for the start of the Edinburgh Book Festival on the 14th. When I was last there it was just a barren patch of grass, now there are white tents, diggers, and men and women scurrying around setting things up. Here are some images to compare – click on each to enlarge.

3 Weeks Ago:








Afterwards, it was back into Leith. I met my wife in Bijou and began reading AMERICA LIBRE while I was waiting for her over another coffee. I Tweeted about the book, unaware that later on the author would write back to me to say he hoped I enjoyed the read and to wish me good luck with my own writing. Now THAT’S the real power of Twitter.

It was very busy in Bijou because of the MELA Festival on at Leith Links this weekend. Bijou’s a decent wee place though. I quite like the atmosphere inside. It definitely has an extra something early on a mid-week day, though.

The rest of my afternoon was spent working on my GDRs. In the evening, with my wife out on the town for a Hen party, I ordered pizza and watched a film with my daughter.

And so, as I close up this post, I reflect on yesterday: with 7 days left until the Book Festival kicks off I have much to do, much more to reflect on, and much that I need to analyse. It will very much be a week of thinking as much as anything else. Best get to it then.

If you haven’t heard, STELLA is now available on the Kindle [UK] site, launched on Friday by Amazon. Get it now priced £3.39.

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  1. I love that book, and I’ve grown quite fond of its author. He’s one of the all-round smartest people I have the joy to know.

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