Technology Trials

Technology Trials

I quite enjoyed the day job yesterday. My new ability to retain in almost Buddhist-like calmness, seems to be confusing a few people and it’s interesting to see other’s reactions when I don’t rise or become flustered. I wonder how long it’ll last? I keep expecting it to wear off any minute.

I was half expecting to read angry emails and comments about my Leith rant the other day but as it turns out I’ve had a wee bit of support. Devon, you were right, in that you have to live in a place to get under the skin and feel it, rather than see it. And Rob from Fife (, it appears we are but brothers in arms in the struggle against the perpetual nuisance of the Ned.

Living in Amsterdam; it’s good to know I’m not the only one who sees the appeal of the city. Whenever I’ve mentioned it to people the standard response is a chuckle followed by: “you only want to go there for all the drugs and hookers!” If there’s one thing that irks me in this world it’s ignorance. Many people’s view of Amsterdam is that it extends no further than the Red Light District. That’s like me saying England is London and the rest doesn’t really matter.

Amsterdam has a way of life that appeals to me. The Red Light District is tiny compared to the rest of the city. There is an abundance of art, wide open spaces, beautiful landscapes, friendly people and a slower, more peaceful existence. The houses are really cool, their transport system excellent, and of course the canals and countryside make it a wonderful place to be. Yeah, I’d love to spend more time there definitely.

I’ve never actually been to Cornwall, Devon, I’m basing my interest in the county purely from what I’ve seen and heard of the place. It’s a place I can see me taking a holiday sometime, though. You obviously know way much more about the villages whereas my imagination is firmly based on something overlooking the sea 😉

Technology is usually my friend. Over the past couple of days it has become my mortal enemy. I’ve been through times in my life when my home PC has let me down and left me feeling vulnerable and sad, cut off from the outside world with no Internet to keep me company. That’s fine, though, because I know how to fix things and get myself back on the ground; a good backup schedule and careful maintenance usually does the trick.

It’s an entirely different story when one’s partner loses the use of her business-critical laptop while she has clients waiting, and I end up having to turn my laptop and PC over to her, not to mention tearing up my home office to locate cables and wire things up for her. It’s not good. It’s bloody stressful, in fact, and all my spare time yesterday was spent trying to fix hardware and software problems not of my own doing.

If anyone ever doubted how much I love this woman, the proof was blatant for all to see on the 10th August, 2010.

As things stand, my PC and netbook have been hijacked with software I didn’t want on it, my office is a clutter and I have lost two days to the problem. I should be able to restore everything but we still have the problem of getting her a new laptop/PC of her own, because a) this can’t continue and b) she has a business to run.

I’m going to have to take a tighter grip of the maintenance and software control on whatever we get her (it won’t be a Mac – it’s too early for her to take the plunge on that one but I’m still going to get one in a couple of years for myself).

I’m going to put together a custom-made PC designed for heavy image and media use, that way she should have no problems in the foreseeable future producing fine wedding and portrait photography. There will no doubt be some negotiation over the financing of this little investment, which should be an interesting discussion given I have several bargaining chips in my favour. I’ll let you know when I’ve thought them up.

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1 Response to Technology Trials

  1. Gail might want to consider investing in a Mac for photography — their photo capabilities in just the basic Macbook that I have with iPhoto are wonderful, and there are professional program upgrades that do amazing things. It’s also a heck of a lot more reliable than PC, especially if you use the Time Machine backup. And I think the fixed hard drives are out, rather than the ones that move — I have to check into that, and maybe get a new one for myself.

    Cornwall is fascinating. People says the residents are unfriendly. I didn’t find that at all. They don’t get in your face, but if you are pleasant to them, they’ll go out of their way for you. One of these days, I’ll scan my photos from the trip (I was still using film cameras). I had an intense time there, everything from Land’s End to the Lizard to Daphne du Maurier territory to St. Ives and that amazing quality of light (you can see why artists flock there) to Jamaica Inn and Tintagel and Lanteglos (a quarter mile from the farmhouse).

    However, the Lost Gardens of Heligan stayed lost. Couldn’t find ’em, and looked every day.

    Knowing a place is what I call “emotional geography” and it’s so important for us, as writers, to acquire a skill of getting that feeling of a place we only visit briefly so we can communicate it if we set something there.

    Researching from books and maps doesn’t have the same impact as walking a place yourself.

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