Wittering On

Wittering On
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Slept in a touch yesterday morning. I think the sushi I ate in the cinema for my dinner followed by the late night leftover pakora I’d stashed in the fridge from Monday night, may have had something to do with it. Boy was I gassy and galloping!

It was my first day reading an iBook on my iPhone (Mark Billingham’s Scaredy Cat) and I’m finding it easy going. It doesn’t feel the same, there’s an oddness about it, and because the screen is smaller I feel like I’m reading the book extremely fast as I turn the page over every 20 or 30 seconds. It’s handy though—very, very handy and I think it’ll help me meet my target of 42 books read this year a lot quicker.

One of the things I’ve discovered about Apple through buying their iPhone 4 is you can actually see that they think about the user experience when they’re developing their product. Take Windows: all through XP, Vista and now 7, all the wee quirks and annoying foibles are still there—the things you wish they would change or add in are missed. With Apple, they actually seem to listen.

The perfect example came yesterday with the iPod application my new phone comes with (my original iPod is now obsolete). I’d always liked the ability to randomise the tracks but wished this could also be done within individual playlists. In this updated version of iPod on my phone, it does. It’s a small thing but it makes the user experience count and makes one feel so much more closer to the product. With Microsoft you just don’t get that feeling of warm satisfaction.

Popbitch has gone commercial and with it the end of what was a wonderfully entertaining Friday read. Gone is the anti-fashionable basic text and tabular alignment. Now they have fancy html, graphics and, wait for it, advertising banners. It’s lost its magic, that underground feel bordering on illegal sensibility that gave it such allure. It feels more like I’m reading a magazine as opposed to a mail-out from some illicit den in the backstreets of Soho.

I had the weirdest of dreams last night, which I’m hoping will turn out to be a premonition. I was standing in a bar in York, a small one near the famous archway (I forget the name). I was with the lads just as we’ve done twice over the last couple of years and it was my turn to go to the bar. While waiting for the beers to be opened, I realised the bloke standing next to me was Shed Seven singer, Rick Witter. We got talking and I convinced him to play a Glasgow gig in December. Then I got him to call my wee sister, Binny, while she was at work to say hi. She screamed the office down and everyone jumped out their skin. Poor Ann McVie nearly fell off her seat! What part’s the premonition? The Glasgow gig in December of course!

Before I go, spare a thought today for those who have recently lost someone in their lives they loved and cherished—human or animal. Special times should always be remembered and good souls will never forgotten.

And to close, here’s my Friday vid:

Peace out, people—it’s Friday!

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1 Response to Wittering On

  1. Lara says:

    Now all Steve Jobs needs to do is allow his devices to play FLASH. The world would be a lot easier!!! My iPad stinks in that respect.

    Hope you feel better!

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