Publication Extravaganza

Publication Extravaganza
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I’ve got quite a lot of publication news concerning myself to pass on today. It’s not often I get a day like today so I’m going to make the very most of it!

My poem, THE FINAL NAIL, will be published later on over at Every Day Poets. The best way to view it is if you subscribe to the site just now and they will email you my poem (and one every day thereafter). Alternatively, you can view it on your browser today or tomorrow (I’m bound to remind you). Hope you enjoy it however you read it.

I also have an article appearing over at the brilliant A Biblio Paradise. Entitled, HALF WAY TO A WINNER, it’s about the story of my first chapbook, FRINGE FANTASTIC, and how I’ve been lucky enough to keep it selling five years after publication.

Finally, a magazine I’ve enjoyed reading in the past and have been trying to get into as a writer for quiet a while, has short-listed the story I submitted to them in June. LETTING GO is now being considered by the editorial board. Fingers crossed mega-style!

So that’s the big news. There’s a lot happening all over the place just now inside my head and out of it. I’ve managed to keep a hold of my hours being worked in the day job and trying to keep the balance between the office and outside of it. As with my writing, I tend to focus in too much sometimes and it can start to work against me. I’ve got to control that more and I seem to be doing it better since my summer holidays.

I didn’t get time for much work last night. One of my wife’s friends came round to see us and I spent the evening with her, comforting her and drinking tea. 24 hours earlier she had walked into her father’s home to find he had passed on. It was a rather turbulent time and I was glad we could be there for her.

The video I made has generated a remarkable response. It would seem its stupidity appeals to quite a lot of you. Even my wife couldn’t suppress her laughter when she saw it so I new I’d struck a chord somewhere. I shall endeavor to make more.

It rained solid yesterday for the first time in ages. It felt good. What was also nice was the walk I took through the New Town on my way to work. Passing by the gardens at the bottom of Dublin Street, the trees have already shed their golden load and I had to wade through piles of amber and burgundy leaves. Those extra special autumn mornings are on the way.

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2 Responses to Publication Extravaganza

  1. Diane says:

    A nice little run there. Congratulations. Good luck with the short listed submission.

  2. Congrats n the writing, and condolences to your wife’s friend.

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