Wee Brown Doggy

Wee Brown Doggy
Image: 42 (www.blipfoto.com/42)

Man am I tired! It’s not like I’ve been overdoing the hours at the day job again or not giving myself time to unwind before getting down to work on my manuscripts in the evening, but for some reason the more the week has gone on, the heavier my head has become. I’ve been going through cups of Italian medium ground like a 50 foot shark through the guests on a capsized cruise ship.

So I took last night off. I had the perfect excuse to be fair, when my wife’s pal came round to see us. She left the dog with me while she and Gail popped out for something to eat, leaving Gracie and me in the living room watching some television, mucking around with little rubber toys.

On the work front it’s not like anything went undone, though. During my lunch break at the day job I registered for Devon Ellington’s 6-day deconstruction workshop on The League of Extraordinary Gentleman. I’ve never seen the film so guess what I’m going to buy tomorrow morning then watch over the weekend?

I did some reading after Gracie left, continuing one book and finishing another. I’m about to start reading Portrait of an Addict as a Young Man by Bill Clegg, a book I bought at the Edinburgh Book Festival after attending a rare and frank event with the author himself.

Here’s a picture of Gracie and me, by the way:

Gracie and Colin

I didn’t see much of the Pope’s visit in the end. My journeys to and from work went largely unhindered due to my office location, but by all accounts everything went as expected elsewhere in the city. Twitter was alive with Pope information so I could follow the day every now and then when I went to grab a coffee or take a little boys break. The BBC, as is becoming more and more typical with the organisation, gave little coverage to the protesters. So much for a balanced and open broadcast of opinions.

Some of the protesters’ placards were funny as heck. The best one, in my opinion, was the one that makes up my title image for today’s post: DOWN WITH THIS SORT OF THING—a pure class parody on the old Father Ted scene.

Some amazing news arrived in my email last night. Dave Gilmour has committed to playing on stage alongside Roger Waters for one date of his The Wall tour next year. Fingers crossed it’s the same one Gail and I will be at in London’s O2 Arena. To see them both on stage together while performing The Wall album would be an absolute dream come true.

Finally, ever wondered what type of person climbs up broadcast masts to work on them? Crazy people do, that’s who. Just like this man in my Friday Vid. Watch it on full screen if you can—it’s awesome!

Have a great Friday, people.

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4 Responses to Wee Brown Doggy

  1. Diane says:

    I actually quite enjoyed The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and have watched it several times. Maybe it’s an indication of my actual intellect considering the number of people that slated it. I hope you enjoy it and the workshop, though.

    That’s a great pic – of you as well as the dog. :o)

    Have a good weekend.

  2. It’s a fun movie and we’ll have a blast next week! so glad at least SOMEONE will do the pre-work!

    The dog is adorable!

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