Supporting The Back

Supporting The Back

The League of Ordinary Gentleman deconstruction workshop kicked off at Savvy Authors yesterday; introductions and formalities all made before I got stuck into Lecture 1 about the film’s opening sequence. I read the notes a couple of times then formulated my own response based on my thoughts relating to the film. Great stuff.

These deconstruction workshops seem like good fun and I like how Savvy Authors is run. I’ll wait and see how the week goes. If it goes as well as I expect it to, I think I’ll hook up with them for an annual subscription and do more of this kind of thing.

I’ve done something awkward to my lower-right back. It started on Sunday afternoon and got worse all through yesterday. Two nights of Deep Heat application and trying to adjust my posture, and this morning things are feeling a bit better. The way I find myself sitting at my desk while I type is shocking and I’m well aware of it—at the day job in particular. I have a good seat at home for supporting my back, but at work the chairs tend to promote slouchiness so I have to think about it more and stretch out a lot.

I could do with losing a few pounds as well—that can’t be helping.

I wasn’t sure what book to start reading now I’ve finished with Bill Clegg’s remarkable piece of work. I feel like giving it another day for it to sink in, such was the speed I absorbed it and the depth to which I became involved. In the end, I settled for Kate Atkinson’s Edinburgh crime novel, One Good Turn. I’ve been wanting to read this book of Kate’s for a while and thought I should change tack with a wee crime novel to stir things up.

The September issue of the Ranfurly Review is now ready and about to “go to press”. That is to say, tonight it will be published once I have updated the website; the magazine itself, however, is good to go. I spent all of last night killing off the final layout checklist before my back got too much to bear and had to stop.

Finally for today, the indisputably British institution that is Ben Sherman, has been nicked in NYC! View the incident here…

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1 Response to Supporting The Back

  1. Glad you’re having fun with the workshop.

    Try some yoga poses such as Child pose, Swan pose, and Twist for your lower back. You might feel a little silly doing them at first, but they’ll give you a lot of relief.

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