Mixing Things Up

Mixing Things Up
Image: Ernie

Back still sore. Dull, constant and at times, muscle twanging pains that shoot through the area above my bum. It’s really awful. I can’t relax or get comfortable in any position. I had to get up from my desk at the day job every now and then and walk around in order to relieve the pain some of the way. What a strain it is; I’m getting sick of it. I feel like lying down on one of those back stretching contraptions that nearly saw the end of James Bond in Goldfinger. Thanks for the Yoga tips, Devon, I’ll try them out.

A successful day at work though, with much progress being made on several fronts. Very pleasing and left me with a feeling of satisfaction on my way out the door. What also helps is when I get to mix some personal work in over my lunch break, whether it be writing, editing or some form of related work. In yesterday’s case, it was reading up and contributing to the Savvy Authors deconstruction workshop I’m doing.

The latest issue of the Ranfurly Review is now available for download. This issue is significant in that it’s the first one where the front cover wasn’t shot with a professional camera, but instead my new iPhone 4. See if you can guess what the cover is!

In the Editorial, I’ve also revealed some ideas being banded about by the editorial team now that we’re coming up for our 2-year anniversary. I think it’s time to start trying out new things and mixing things up for the future.

There won’t be any work getting done this evening. The Diners are coming to town and so a wee night out in Edinburgh is on the cards. There will be a small amount of dining taking place, a lot of laughing, but mostly, there will be drinking.

Until tomorrow, peace out!

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2 Responses to Mixing Things Up

  1. The yoga should help. Valerian root before bed time will also stop the spasms. Take the capsule — if you ever taste it, you’ll never take it again, no matter how bad the pain — and make sure you don’t have to drive or do anything mechanical for 8 hours once you take it.

    Do NOT take it before work, or you’ll fall asleep at your desk.

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